Help on building 2270 combo

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Help on building 2270 combo

Post by vinnytang » Thu May 03, 2018 2:26 am

Hey everyone,

I have been slowly piecing together my '54 Oval build and I have always planned on building a nice 2270 for it with the 1.7 long block I have stored away. I live in the inner suburbs so I was hoping to build a fun stop light racer with plenty of torque down low. I'm sticking with 2270 because I do not want to get into machining the case.

I have been reading up on all the different combinations over the last 12 months waiting for the right time to finally buy the parts. I have recently been told I need to head to America at the end of next month for a brief stint for work, so I was hoping to order everything now so the parts can be waiting for me at my hotel. The savings would be massive if I bring parts home myself compared to getting skewered with duty and shipping costs to Australia, so I need to make the decision on the purchases this week.

I am still not confident about the combination I have decided on, so I thought I'll come ask the Type IV gurus here. I have never embarked on a hot rod VW build before, so this combo is based on everything I've read online with zero hands-on experience. Sadly there just isn't enough local guys who build Type 4s to ask for advice...

1.7L case
94mm VW cylinders machined to 96mm
5.325" chromoly forged H-Beam rods with Type 1 Journals (clearanced for stroker)
ARP2000 bolts
DPR 78mm crankshaft with Type 1 Journals
96mm Keith Black with 80mm stroke, 22mm pins
Hastings Rings
Web Cam 163/86B camshaft 104DLC (clearanced for stroker)
Web Cam solid lifters HD AL pushrods
Weber 44 IDFs

Would love to hear what people's thoughts about this so far? I was going to go with DRD heads until I heard recently that they went out of business. I know there are many other things to consider and I just don't know what the best route is. What should I set the compression ratio at? What pushrods? What ignition system? But I want to grab these bits while I'm in the States and figure the rest out later on, open to suggestions there too. I just want to know if I'm on the right track, or have I got the combo really wrong for whatever reason.

I already have a gearbox built (4.125 diff, 3.800 1st, 2.059 2nd, 1.261 3rd, 0.889 4th), and plan on using chunky Firestone Wide Ovals.

Thanks in advance,


'77 Westy
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Re: Help on building 2270 combo

Post by '77 Westy » Thu May 03, 2018 4:36 pm

Your list is similar to my 2316, I’m using:
96mm cylinders
5.325" H-Beam rods with 2.0 Type 4 Journals and ARP2000 bolts
80mm crankshaft with 2.0 Type 4 Journals
96mm Keith Black pistons 22mm pins and Hastings Rings
Scat C25 Cam with Lube-a-Lobe lifters
HD AL pushrods

Cylinders, pistons, rings, rods and crank were all supplied by DRD before Darren sold his business to EMPI, cam, gear and lifters from Summit Racing, pushrods from Ahnendorp B.A.S. (Germany)

No case machining was required and there is clearance using a standard base circle cam.

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Re: Help on building 2270 combo

Post by Clatter » Wed May 09, 2018 1:42 pm

There are quite a few considerations WRT compression; Fuel availability, temps you plan on running, etc.

The exhaust and heads are the biggest things. This motor will have to get a good exhaust - A1, Python, or Tangerine?

The best heads are going to come from the type 4 store. Might check EMW, FAT, or Headflow Masters otherwise.
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Andy Somogyi
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Re: Help on building 2270 combo

Post by Andy Somogyi » Sun May 27, 2018 4:34 pm

I’m going with the AA Pistons heads for a number of reasons.

I’ve inspected a set, and they are nicely made. One of the most important things in any air cooled engine is getting the heat out of the heads. The 2.0 style head (linked here) recesses the exhaust header into the head, this acts as a heat shield and prevents the head from absorbing a lot of heat. You will have to modify the sheet metal to accomdate the much better 914 2.0 style plug location.

These AA pistons heads Are not going to be as optimized for flow like the type4store heads, but A few percent difference in flow I think will only matter for competive racers.

These are the heads I’ll be using in my T4 turbo, and I’m getting the combustion chambers and exhaust ports ceramic coated (again to minimize heat flow into the head).

Without a Knock sensor equipped spark and engine management (like a mega squirt), I wouldn’t push the compression ratio much if any past 9:1. ... 44x36-pair

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