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Re: Roll call

Post by fasty67 » Fri Dec 09, 2011 2:06 pm

Sup, Everybody? My name is Matt, aka Fasty67
I have been into VW's as long as I can remember. I grew up with my dad having a 1970 bug. My brother restored it in his teens, then it got totaled. Some old man ran a red and nearly killed him. Later he bought a 65 bug that I got from him and did alot of custom work including a 4 point cage which a few years later saved my life in a another T-bone accident. For the past ten years I have had my '67 Fastback. It has been in and out of the garage many times. I tear engines apart with my driving. I burned through a few stock engines (duh). I have build a high compression 1776cc and a stroker 1955cc T1 engines (For other cars) in the past. Now I am going to try my hand, and lead foot, with a type 4 engine for the Fasty.

I am looking for some advice. If you have the time to look at my other posts that would be awesome.

I have never really been into posting on forums but now that I found one that I REALLY like I'm taking a stab at it.

About myself; I live in Bend, Or, grew up in Salem, Or. Currently drive 2001 Jetta wagon, 2.0, GLI reccaro's, custom body mods, intake, poly mounts, Bilstein shocks/struts, 17" wheels, etc.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it! If it is, upgrade it!

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Re: Roll call

Post by clockdoc56 » Wed Feb 01, 2012 12:44 pm

Hi Just checkin in! Jeff A.K.a.(Clockdoc) here. Just a note to say Hi!!!.I'm working on a 69SQB.2056 t-4 power and early t-1 far i've seen a few curves in the road to building up this combo,just can't wait to roll it on...the throttle that is! Fan stuff covered(412 body to fan coversion)done. early type 1 tranny T.O. bearing upgrade. done Thanks to (RANCHO TRANS)t-1 trans upgrade kit. short intake manifolds,now don't laugh about my choice of carb.s like everyone else has! 40 DCNF's OH YUCK!!! :oops: I have some 40 IDF ready to go just incase these Carb's suck as much as everyone says they will!LOL seems the DCNF's are just a little shorter for eng. lid clearance... have'nt lifted it up into the compartment yet,so we'll see.drillin a hole in my old bus fan housing for timing access.need to lift it in to see about the dip and fill Mod. Clockdoc in CEN-CAL.

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Re: Roll call

Post by glock » Mon Feb 20, 2012 1:54 pm

Hey guys and gals my name is Aaron aka Glock and i'm currently building a 62 DD Panel with I think will be type 4 power.Long time lurker and first time poster .
The Mill with Oregon performance upright conversion.
The bus

The mill came from my super...


I'm from Burlington Ontario Canada! I am trying to find a good thread on what I need (to steal from my original set up) to bolt the type 4 up to my tranny in the bus .

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Re: Roll call

Post by rmdobbs » Sun Mar 04, 2012 9:20 pm

Hi everyone I'm Richard From Austin, TX. have an 82 Vanagon Westy that I recently got in a trade. started out with a weber Progressive in it and I just installed a set of Empi 34 EPC carbs. want to learn more about this engine as I have had several type 1 cars, but never a type 4 engine. here is a picture of my vanagon and the motor before and after the carb swap.

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Re: Roll call

Post by 48HD60 » Wed Mar 21, 2012 7:26 pm


My name is George, I have a '57 Canadian beetle, currently 1600 dp type 1
dual weber 34 ICT's.
I have a type 4 1700 case from a 914 and just purchased a 1700 engine off the
Samba. I have what I was told is a 2 litre crank, I will be able to better say if it is
or not after I get the 1.7 motor. I bought the 914 engine for the cylinder heads and
small parts that I will need for a complete build.
I decided to go type 4 after reading all I could find on HP VW engines. I have read all I could find
about type 4's on the Samba, Type 4 secrets and am working my way through Jake Raby's MassIVe sites. I want a reliable, powerful street car that gets good mileage and runs cool. I plan to use the 71 mm crank with p/c combo in the 94mm range. I will be ordering a DTM system in the near future.
This first engine will be fairly simple, but I have my eye on a 2270 RR turnkey engine from Jake. I am not new to air cooled toys, I have had 3 beetles previous to this one and currently have 2 panhead Harleys.
I have had mopar hot rods all of my adult life, I just sold the 34 Chrysler I was building. I have had two 67 GTX 440 cars.

This car has 70's transaxle in it, the previous owner had a 2276 in it in the past.

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Re: Roll call

Post by maltabug » Wed May 02, 2012 12:24 pm

Hi guys I am new to this forum and would like to learn more about the type IV engine. I am not new to air-cooled engines but to type IV I am. I live on a sunny Island in the south of Sicily called Malta very far from the states and I am a great fan of Air-cooled engines. I own 4 beetles and take part in Hill climbs in Malta even though we don’t have long and high hills but we do with what we have.

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Re: Roll call

Post by ilovemy67 » Sun May 06, 2012 3:19 pm

hi everyone my names kennedy truong ive been into cars specifically into hot rods since i was a kid im 22 now, bought my first beetle 1967 beetle with a stock 1600, this is my first vw ive ever own. i am and a&p mechanic {aviation maintainance mechanic}. ive been doing some research on what road to choose for my bug's power plant and i have been convinced that type iv is the way. i hope to learn the tips and tricks from rebuilding the type iv to making it capatible for my bug and the litle details to watch out for.

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Re: Roll call

Post by ilovemy67 » Sun May 06, 2012 3:32 pm

and heres my bug

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Re: Roll call

Post by dc2-dave » Sun May 27, 2012 2:34 pm

Hi all im Dave from UK. Ive had a 1303s as my 1st car in 1987 ,followed by a 1971 914 1700.
The relationship with the 14 was stormy :lol: with 21000miles traveled in 18 years !
In 1994 ,I purchased a gb code 2.0 which was rebuilt by the people who I bought the 14 off.
I never got round to getting it running in the 14 correctly and it was removed and the car sold.
I then bought another 1303s ,with the intention of fitting the type iv.

Today I have had the 1st drive with the new engine ,lots of issues to sort but man do they go ! :lol:

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Re: Roll call

Post by still kickin » Sun Jun 10, 2012 10:21 pm

Hi, my name is Andy and I've been a lurker of this (4rum) for years. I finally decided to make the first move towards a type 4 conversion and introduce myself here. I am currently gathering info on this site, the samba, the aircooled technology forums, and numerous books/magazines. I have one Bug-me Video in the mail right now, and the Cali conversion manual as well, and both should be here next week. I have a '63 bug that I've owned for 16 years (bought it at 12 years old), as well as a '68 Ghia that is a major project car "in the works". I look forward to asking (stupid :oops: ) questions and becoming better educated on the type 4 engines, plus meeting some decent people who share interest in aircooled VWs.

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Re: Roll call

Post by checkers » Mon Jun 11, 2012 10:50 pm

Hi everyone! My name is Dean Flory, I'm from Groves Tx. which is about 80 miles east of houston. I've had a few beetles , a 69' then a 65' and my current a 63' rag top that I'm currently converting to t4. I have Joe's manual and a core engine and have made some progress on the build! Ok why t4, well Joe sums it up best, the t4 is everything the t1 is'nt (except for parts and price :( ) and chicks dig them (well atleast they should). I really like this forum i've been coming here for the last three years, everyone is really nice and helpfull and I have really learned alot. I'm going to post a build thread and will have many ignorant ? probably, so please bear with me. Thanks! Dean

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Re: Roll call

Post by subtaf » Mon Jun 18, 2012 11:06 am

Hi, my name is Mat. I live in Perth, Western Australia. I guess you could say I've been into ACVW's all my life as I came home from hospital in my Mum & Dad's 64 type 3 notch. They owned it from new and I only got to ride in a H2o car 4 years later which was my cousins 350 SB chevy powered Monaro (Aussie muscle car). Hence, in 1997 after I bought my 75 Type 4 microbus and I found Jakes forum covering the "big block" ACVW (the TIV motor). Everything Jake posted made so much sense and seemed like the best bang for $$ for performance street use. I currently have a 1958 split panel, 1975 microbus and a 1989 T3 4x4 Syncro.
I've recently pulled down my 76x94 TIV to sort a few things out. While it's apart I plan to change to "H" beam rods, change the cam, mild porting of the heads and change carbies or go EFI. This motor will go back in my 75 bus which is lowered and is reasonable well set up for hard cornering (I expect your surprised) so I have some tricks going on in the sump too. I haven't posted a build thread as I haven't worked out how to post photo's on this site yet. I hope i can share some knowledge too as I really appreciate what I've been able to learn on here so far.

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Re: Roll call

Post by subimanx » Tue Jun 26, 2012 5:26 am

Hey welcome Matt!! When you can,post some picks of your Syncro.....I've got an 88 with front and rear diff locks etc. Are you on the Aussie Syncro list??


OH.... a bus that corners hard is a good bus...

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Re: Roll call

Post by ELVIS » Sat Jul 28, 2012 8:43 am

Hi all!

Think i joined the forum years back but couldnt remember log-in/user name and was with a very old email address! Always found this site one of the more technical orientated sites so am crossing my fingers on this one. Live in the UK and have been Into vdubs for 20yrs and have various/numerous aircooled vehicles (none of them show winners- far from it! :D )

Have just bought a Splittie with a Type4 engine and DTM kit fitted. Owned it for about an hour and a half before the engine went south!! hence the post asking for help :shock: :D

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Re: Roll call

Post by Hummer » Tue Aug 14, 2012 9:32 am

Hey everyone,

My name's Chris and I have a '73 Westy with a 914 engine in it. When I got the bus, it leaked (more like sprayed) oil everywhere and I was losing a quart every ten miles. Sent it off to my friend Brian who is a vw engine builder and had it rebuilt.

Turns out that the bolt that goes through the bottom of the case through the oil pump was totally stripped out and someone had unsuccessfully tried to stick a heli-coil in there. We rigged it up and replaced the progressive carb with a set of 34 ICT clones.

Bus seems to run fine now, but this engine stuff really intimidates me. I'm an engineer and am pretty mechanically inclined, but am looking to soak up as much info as I can about these. In fact, I'd really like to build a backup engine just for knowledge sake.


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