Welcome to the STF! Please Introduce Yourself and Your Ride

Here's the place to start. Introduce yourself and your ride.

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Re: Welcome to the STF! Please Introduce Yourself and Your Ride

Post by JARobbins » Fri May 18, 2018 1:12 pm

Hello All, I am John Robbins, a retired military man living in WA state. I have recently come into the Bug world by purchasing a shell of a '71 Super Beetle with no engine. Blank slate as it is I have done quick floor pans, front end rebuild, and a custom shifter from a crystal door knob. More plans for the motor - 1600 to get rolling and then eventually up to a '74 914 type 4, which I have. Waiting for warmer weather to repaint-gray with black trim.

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Re: Welcome to the STF! Please Introduce Yourself and Your Ride

Post by saltydog2012 » Sat May 26, 2018 9:19 pm

Hello. I have a rail buggy in stages that is becoming a slow build! Bought it mostly together but due to findings, it has been stripped to the frame. Being as i am rebuilding i saw a member here that incorperated fenders to his ride and am trying to find out what he used for fenders, and how he made the brackets. His user name is 2088 bob. Would love to have him contact me or reply, or anyone else far as that goes. Am new to the vw scene, but have shade tree mechanic all my life! Thanks for viewing. :D

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Re: Welcome to the STF! Please Introduce Yourself and Your Ride

Post by Ol'fogasaurus » Sat May 26, 2018 11:17 pm

Got pictures and more information? They can make a difference in what is suggested; for instance:
detail of leecar24.jpg
This is a very old picture of one of my old street rods but it might give some idea as to using 'cycle fenders and mounting them to the backing plate bolts using flat stock bent to shape but in this case the fenders are made from a cut down '36 Ford spare tire cover. In the rear single wheel trailer fenders might be used but again, assuming what you are trying to accomplish.

The lower flat stock was mounted to the backing plate parallel to the ground and the vertical fender mount was mounted to the backing plate bolt several degrees forward of straight up and down. The two mounting straps were welded together at the join.

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Re: Welcome to the STF! Please Introduce Yourself and Your Ride

Post by FuzzyBuda » Sun Jun 17, 2018 9:19 pm

Howdy, Chris here.

I knew nothing about bugs other than they are fun little machines I remember from the 70's. I am here to learn, fix, and enjoy sharing a common interest in this new hobby/lifestyle.

I acquired a 69 Baja through an unfortunate family death and put it in the garage 5 years ago. I have been riding the fence to keep or sell it and open the garage bay it has been sitting all this time. Alas, over the course looking at it many times pondering if I really want to spend the time and money to get it rolling, I decided to to keep it.

It did run before I got it and previous owner put a lot of work into it as far as the motor and compartment to accommodate it. The best I can determine at this point is a 1600cc and knowing the PO it is likely stroked with performance cam. Adding up the receipts came to about 5000.00 including Gene Burg carbs.

The through-out bearing was trashed so I dropped the engine. Unfortunately, it sat outside previously for a few years and water had accumulated either down the stinger and/or carb throats. I know this because I drained the oil and cottage cheese glopped out. I'll have to tear it down to determine rebuildability, but needed to anyway to figure out what it was stoked to.

Hmm, where to start?
Anyway, on my journey.
Stay cool.

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