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'74 Ghia - Sloppy steering

Posted: Fri Jun 01, 2018 9:17 am
by Swampcroc02
Good morning All,

New to the Forum as well as Ghias. Recently picked up a gorgeous 74 Ghia. Previous owner almost completely restored the vehicle which included, among other things, a fuel injected1900cc plant and a new 4 spd tranny. The only thing we would like to improve upon would be the steering and suspension which, to us, doesn't feel as tight as we'd like it to be. It could really do with some firming up - possibly a different steering box with a tighter gear ratio, gas charged or coil over shocks, etc. As it sits right now, it really feels like a '74.
Also, is it possible/does anybody make a rack and pinion setup for this vehicle? Thanks in advance for any insights/wisdom here.

Re: '74 Ghia - Sloppy steering

Posted: Sat Jun 02, 2018 2:14 pm
by FJCamper
Hi Swampcroc,

Sounds like you have a really nice Ghia there. A front end overhaul means new tie rod ends, new ball joints, and very likely, a new steering box. We use the TRW grease-filled box. Factory was oil-filled. The Bug and the Ghia share the same box. You may even have a loose steering box, no longer clamped tight to the axle beam.

We recommend Koni Classic shocks front and rear. You get good control and handling, where with KYB gas shocks, you usually just get a stiff ride. and you may or may not want a quick-steer adapter kit on the steering box pitman arm. It takes one turn out of the standard 2.5 (more or less) lock to lock turning.

Don't use a smaller diameter (less than 15") steering wheel with a quicksteer kit, as the kit really requires more effort to turn and this is a bummer on a street car trying to park, etc.

Good luck,