Hotrod Drag Week - How could you do it?

Do you like to go fast? Well get out of that stocker and build a hipo motor for your VW. Come here to talk with others who like to drive fast.

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Re: Hotrod Drag Week - How could you do it?

Post by petew » Sun Sep 16, 2018 4:13 pm

Been rethinking this in the shower this morning. If the cheap standard for V8s is anything RWD and an LS turbo/powerglide/GV overdrive, a non VW block is probably our happy zone too. I'd suggest a Subaru EJ25T/Subaru 5 speed. Strong, cheap, late model and super reliable. I know that's sacrilege on a ACVW forum, but drag week is no place for sentimentality unless you have $$$$$$$ to spend.

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