72 VW Bug

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72 VW Bug

Post by Derek430VW » Mon Mar 12, 2018 5:14 pm

I'm goin friggin nuts here. Jumped in my 72 bug the other day and it started right up for me. Let me say first however it does have a aftermarket (caterpillar) push button in it for the starter. Apparently there was an issue with the ignition so the guy I got the car from put the push start in it. If I turn the key my dash light comes on. The lights work also. The head lights will only come on when its running. It does have a MSD ignition installed also. New starter. I've checked ALL grounds even replaced a couple fittings. Now I turn the key hit the button and nothing. No click or anything. Has a good charged up battery in it also. The only 3 things I can figure it may be is starter button, ignition switch(electric part), or possibly the starter solenoid??? I'm at a loss and very frustrated. Ugh!!!!!!! Help help help PLEASE!!!!! ANY ideas or suggestion are GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance!!!!

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Re: 72 VW Bug

Post by SCOTTRODS » Mon Mar 12, 2018 7:24 pm

Best thing to do is start testing for voltage from one place to the next... If the lights come on when you turn on the ignition switch, check and see if the power reaches the "hot side" of the button... if it does, then push the button and test for the power to come out the other contact of the button... if it doesn't go TO the button, then start back ticking to the ignition switch, fuses, relays, wherever the power stops is where you fix things or replace parts that do not work... Simple huh?

If you'd like to start a little closer to the situation... it might be a better place to start at the starter and see if it's getting the power as well... then back up to the switch... then source... just thinking' out loud.
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Re: 72 VW Bug

Post by rrb6699 » Sun Mar 18, 2018 10:27 am

headlights do only come on when the car is running or "key" is in the run position. an easy quick thing to check is the contacts on the ignition (column) switch. if they are burnt then you can clean them with 400 sandpaper quickly. my problem is similar no start sometimes and it IS my Pertonix ignition module ailing. when I drive and it for awhile & it heats up I get nothing when I turn the key like you (although I do have a key start). takes an hour to cool before it starts again. I would get a key cylinder and put it back so you can key start. I had a button too and followed the same advice and am glad I did. plus when you take the button start off you can short the wires on it to see if it cranks. if it does, the button is bad.

if not, check for obvious wires/connectors on everything under the back seat to the alternator to connectors on the coil. I have had the brass connectors get loose and lose contact. especially on the fuse block causing the same no start.

last week I had a no start after it should have sufficiently cooled and tapped on my ignition module with a rubber mallet and it started. I've GOT to get a new one soon.

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