idle too fast

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idle too fast

Post by jsirhc22 » Tue Jul 17, 2018 8:18 pm

so i have a 1971 super beetle. 1600 dual port with a 34 pict 3 carburetor and a dvda distributor. the throttle shaft bushing of my carb was shot so i sent it in for a full restoration by a reputable guy. the fuel pump also started leaking from multiple spots so i picked up a new one of those. all i need to do now is tune the carburetor so my car is running smooth. starts right up but the idle is a little rough when cold. i do see some smoke coming out of the exhaust as well. But to my main i’m letting the car warm up i’ll give it a little gas so the idle screw moves down the cam and it got about half way down and the rpms just shot up! it went from around 850 rpms to over 2000! it kinda freaked me out so i shut the car off and haven’t really touched it since. everything was preset by the guy who restored the carb so there shouldn’t be too much tuning for me. what would cause the rpms to get that high and stay running at over 2000rpm? sorry if this is all confusing to understand i’m not experienced with cars at all and am just trying to learn. thanks for your time!

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Re: idle too fast

Post by Jadewombat » Wed Jul 18, 2018 9:51 pm

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