EJ20G into 67 Bug

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Re: EJ20G into 67 Bug

Post by surfbeetle » Wed Oct 10, 2018 11:36 pm

I took the car to the San Diego Sports Arena Kobey's Swap Meet for the 1st Annual VW show. I was only one of three Subaru powered VWs there. Also picked up a new to me interior (seats and panels) for the car. I've never had matching front and back seats. I cleaned up the wiring in the trunk and hooked up the heater which by the way worked great heating the car on a cold morning. It will better once I duct it into the car's heater channels. Also at the Kobey's show, I bought an air tank and pump for the air ride. The tank's installed in the front trunk and I'm putting the tank behind the rear seat since my fuel pump is on the pan opposite of the master cylinder. Hopefully this weekend I'll get that plumbed and wired up. At some point soon, I hope to replace the front beam with a 4 inch narrowed AirKewld beam. My front tires are rubbing bad on the fender lips if the air is low so I want to tuck them in some more.
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