Power assisted brakes

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Power assisted brakes

Post by burls » Thu Jul 13, 2017 4:13 pm

Now that the suby conversion is well under way, l was wondering how hard it would be to use the brake master cylinder with vacuum booster
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Re: Power assisted brakes

Post by Jadewombat » Sun Jul 23, 2017 9:44 am

Just the lack of room to be able to mount the booster, unless you do a different setup. I did it on my '66 bus converting the front disks and booster/MC from a '75 bay and used the clutch cable tube for the vacuum line since I was going with a hydraulic clutch anyway.

Power brakes are nice to have, but you don't really "need" them. If it involves weakening the metal in the floor area on your super to the point where you have too much flex, etc. or the booster lower half is going to drop down below the floor pan, I'd say don't do it.

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