Getting significantly more hp from a 1.7 liter 914?

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Re: Getting significantly more hp from a 1.7 liter 914?

Post by Laptom » Sun Feb 16, 2014 4:13 am

Thanks PD,

I was already afraid that the D-Jet could not handle a lot different. I'm familiar with MS, built some engines with MS&Edis for EFI & Spark (not without Edis though...). I understood the standard D-Jet injectors work pretty good with MS. Perhaps I should swing... First need to find out how the 1911 with fresh cam & D-Jet will work out. Could always upgrade the engine when more is needed. If you or others has advice on that route, that will be greatly appriciated. Will spend around $2000,- on engine only.

The car itself will be upgraded also. Already has 4 new brake calipers and disks ready. Together with brake lines & cables. Will re-fresh the suspension and bushes also, but that will be done after the re-paint.
Good call on the fuel lines, will replace them 100% (front to back and around the engine). The interior is original and still without any scuffs or nicks, but needs some TLC.

Transmission will be ready end of this month, so still some time to think how to spend that budget...


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Re: Getting significantly more hp from a 1.7 liter 914?

Post by helowrench » Sun Feb 16, 2014 2:00 pm

I am in a similar situation as you. I have a putty 73 1.7.
At my disposal is also a 2.0 bus, and a few 3stud heads. So I have both a 1911 and a 2056 possible for roughly the same cost.

I have a couple cars before the teeter gets started, and I am attempting to nail down a plan in the meantime.
Current line of thinking is 1911 with the stock 1.7/2.0 FI hardware mix, and MS3 shoved into a Djet brain box.

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Re: Getting significantly more hp from a 1.7 liter 914?

Post by Piledriver » Sun Feb 16, 2014 8:34 pm

Given the cost of a much fresher/newer design 2 sets of higher flow pico injectors that can be had with a set of GSXR ITBs for ~about what it will cost to clean the 40 year old ones, I personally would not bother with the stock injectors.

I'm personally not enough of DJet fan to run it, reliability just isn' t there unless you go with a new $$$ harness, and even then... It also greatly limits ~anything else you can do with the enine, you must design around the DJet.

The VW manifolding works well on a not crazy engine, although widening the plenum and shortening the runners to change the tuning can be done to excellent effect.
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