Gearbox / clutch query

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Gearbox / clutch query

Post by vwjim » Fri Mar 01, 2013 5:17 pm

Quick question hopefully.

I've pulled a heavily modified T4 engine out of a Barndoor bus that has a 915 gearbox fitted.

Now the owner was told, and he's told me that the clutch is a custom made unit, with the 915 centre section and different friction materials on each side of the friction disk. One side being Black Magic and the other he couldn't remember.

Now I've got it out on the bench, it seems different to what he thinks it is....

The flywheel & pressure plate look factory, and have two dowel pins, 215mm, for some reason coloured blue... so I'm thinking that they're 914 parts?

The friction disk material looks to be the same as a stock disk, certainly not the same as the T1 Black Magic material I've seen before.

So the other question is, would a stock 914 clutch pressure plate fit on a 915 gearbox splines?


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Re: Gearbox / clutch query

Post by aircooledtechguy » Sat Mar 02, 2013 12:55 am

I believe the input shaft splines are the same for the 915 trans and the 901/902 trans. I don't have a 915 in the shop currently, but I do have a 923 which is for a 912E and uses the 914 clutch parts. 911 track cars love the 923 gearing so many end up in 911s. A 914 clutch disc will not work for the 911 pressure plate, so that leads me to believe that the splines are the same.

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