Beetle frame head onto type 3 conversion.

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Re: Beetle frame head onto type 3 conversion.

Post by Piledriver » Fri Aug 12, 2016 6:13 pm

I'm looking at making my own drop spindles old school style (weld on a 1/2" plate with a spindle welded on it) may use Chevy or M2 spindle spuds so I can use off the shelf aluminum Wilwood hubs/brakes etc, although that amazingly only saves ~2 pounds vs cut down BJ rotors as hubs.

The T3 front suspension works fine if in good shape, but the geometry<>reliability and suspension travel goes to hell fast if lowered except via drop spindles.

There are no commercially available drop spindles for T3s (like CB etc) the one fellow that offers them makes them totally wrong, extending only the lower BJ mount, it keeps them narrow but geometry is still borked as the upper arm is angled up...
~zero travel and zero or positive caster...maybe acceptable for a "looker" not for carving canyons.

At one point I was looking at doing something like aircooledtechguy, but with the 914 arms reversed.
Scored a very low mile T3 front end,(the remnants of a barn find) works pretty well at stock height or lowered a tiny bit.
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