What is the value? (T-III Pan/Suspension)

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What is the value? (T-III Pan/Suspension)

Post by GeneStoner » Mon Jul 20, 2015 8:33 pm

Help me do a cost/benefit analysis on an old project car I have-

I own a 100% complete '67 Squareback chassis/pan and suspension. It has been sandblasted/powder-coated & chromed/polished, and is ready for re-assembly. I have all the new parts/seals/bearings/etc. needed to complete this rolling show chassis. I also have very nice, new drive-train, just waiting to be re-installed. I kept all of the receipts and know what I have into the project (adjusted for inflation). Everything is quite sweet, even today. The original body for the project (my 1st car) rusted away long ago, and has long since been discarded. It is a show-car project I started back in the early '90's, but got side-tracked with other project vehicles, and now I am circling-back around to finish (maybe).

I'm at a crossroads now, and I think its time to let it go, despite the incredible sentimental value of it all...

Objectively, how can I most pro$per from this situation for the sake of my family?

1. Spend the money to have the chassis re-assembled by a pro (~ $2k), creating a fantastic platform for someone to just drop their body on & hook-up, or...

2. Sell the entire package outright (not piece-by-piece) and let someone have the pleasure of assembling the "kit."

There is value in both options-- Obviously, #2 is the easiest option for me, but might not capture the true value of the sum of the parts. However, #1 will cost time & money that might not be recouped if I sold the completed rolling-chassis. For the purpose of this calculation, disregard what my time is worth.

Based on your understanding of this market, and of the air cooled VW aficionados that might be interested in this proposition, what is my best (most profitable) option? (Please take no offense in me wanting my family to prosper; we all want it I'm sure. :wink:)

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Re: What is the value? (T-III Pan/Suspension)

Post by Fiatdude » Mon Jul 20, 2015 8:42 pm

Unfortunately, the most money will be the hardest -=- Part the sucker out -- sell the pan naked --

Don't put another $$$ into it if you ain't keeping it

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Re: What is the value? (T-III Pan/Suspension)

Post by Bruce.m » Thu Jul 23, 2015 5:27 pm

Option 1 will loose you the most money.
Option 2 will loose you less money.
Option 3 will make you money but will take time / effort.

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Re: What is the value? (T-III Pan/Suspension)

Post by Piledriver » Thu Jul 23, 2015 6:08 pm

Document what you have, photos etc, and put it on TOS asking ~1/2 what you have into it.
Perhaps ebay as well.

Documentation is key here if you hope to get anything out of it.

The only way you will "get" anything near full value is by donating it to a non-profit that can resell it or use it for a project car.
Only a tax writeoff at that point tho.
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