Adding sound to the bug - speakers & grilles

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Adding sound to the bug - speakers & grilles

Post by KarenTheBug » Sun May 01, 2011 12:43 pm

Now that my 1971 bug finally has a real muffler, and I could feasibly hear a stereo if I chose to install one, I've decided it's time to do it.

I'm wondering if anyone's used these speakers before and has an opinion on them. From the description on the site, it looks like / sounds like these are small enough to fit into the stock speaker position (behind the steering wheel), which is what I'd like to do. The guys in the local VW group call me "The Stock Nazi," and these would let me "hide" a modern stereo (I plan to put a CD player in the glove box and keep the Starfire AM radio in the dash, working but unplugged). ... et-319420/

If these put out subpar audio quality, even better - I would actually like it if the new CD player sounded like a real AM radio :D My other question is how do you go about removing the grilles from behind the steering wheel? I took a peek back there once and it looks like there are small metal tabs that poke through the body from the inside that are twisted - do I "untwist" those and push the grilles out into the inside of the body, or is there more to it? My Starfire radio (bought on eBay after the bug to replace a Pioneer CD player the previous owner installed in the dash) came with a speaker, but I never got around to installing it since I couldn't figure out how to mount it - just hooked it up once to test it & the radio, disconnected everything, and since then have been using the Starfire for cosmetics only.
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