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==Thread Hall of Fame - Content Sticky==

Posted: Mon Nov 06, 2006 8:54 pm
by MNAirHead
I'd like to start a sticky with the content hall of fame... Unfortunately searching doesn't always show the best of the best.

Over the years, we've had some great ones on shock mounts, electrical, welding, fiberglass install, etc.

Please post a link to the best of the best threads.... of course STF (unless it's a vendor)

I'll start to make it easy to follow... I will combine the threads to one long note.

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Posted: Thu Nov 09, 2006 12:02 am
by takotruckin
fox shocks vs.king shocks

soon to have bilstein and race runner too

btw, those are the king "preruner" series i think... they are gonna do the better ones later.
glad i could finally contribute something usefull...

Posted: Mon Nov 27, 2006 7:49 am
by MNAirHead

Posted: Mon Nov 27, 2006 8:53 am
by MNAirHead
Received an updated master list from David58... thanks again.
David58bug wrote:Here is a new versoin.

3X3 arms.... what does it take to install?
6 inch wider beam ... sc&start=0

71 bus tranny in 58 baja
Aircooled Tools ... ooledTools

Baja Cooling Questions ... sc&start=0

Bench Bleeding a Master Cylinder

Body lifts

Brake Bias
Brighter Headlights ... ghts.shtml

Bug Selecta
Bus Box into Bug Front Mount

Bus into bug
Converting Ball Joint into Link Pin

Custom Shock Mount Geometry

Cutting Brakes
Cutting, Twisting and Welding Front Beam
Diagnostic Info

Dry Sump Info ... m/info.htm
Electronic Ignition

Frame Head Swap ... 114#749114
Gary Mayers website Our Off Road T-Shirt Artist

Gear Ratio's


Thing reduction gear adaptors pics

Minimizing Gear Reduction Hop.

Gene Berg’s technical tips

Harness Install Tips

HD Tie Rods and Ends

How Brakes Work
How Stuff Works

How to Check Water Temp gauge accuracy. ... auge.shtml

How To Raise A Bug?

How to wire a electric fuel pump ... iagram.jpg ... /Hobbs.jpg

Laminated Wiring Diagrams

Leatherneck's Artwork for Tee Shirts

Lots of Wiring Diagrams

Oldest Off Road Video ... gen_hi.asx

Plans for Building
Raised spindles

Rear Coil Overs And Spring Rate

Rear End Lift

Rear Spring Plate Notching
Rear Spring Plates

Rear Suspension

Removing axle beam bearings
Removing Broken Bolts ... olts.shtml

Shocks and Springs Explained by Shmoishere
shmoishere wrote:To answer the question regarding the use of Bypass shocks solely to support the rear of a vehicle, I suppose "yes" it might be possible to do in a certain application. However, it will be horribly ineffective. For that reason the answer is actually "NO", and I will tell you why.

Bypass shocks are simply dampeners, just like all shocks. There primary intention is to control the speed of movement, not support the weight of the vehicle. There is an exception to this rule, but generally speaking it only applies to very light vehicles with very mild shock requirements. 99 times out of a hundred our vehicles will require "spring rate", in the form of torsion bars or coil springs to support the vehicles weight. For the most part shocks just slow the movement down as the suspension travels through its motion. Now, not all shocks go about controling that movement in the same way. Without going into a three page story about shock theory and function, let me highlight how a Bypass shock works differently than a typical shock. Most shocks are velocity sensitive. In other words, the faster the suspension moves up and down the more resistance the shocks generate. Bypass shocks differ in this way by allowing a portion of the shock oil to literally be bypassed around a portion of the valving. This happens at a specific location of the shocks travel, and can be internally or externally tunable to control how much oil gets by. What this effectively does is produce a shock that will work progressively as it moves through the range of motion. to make it sound really simple, it provides a shock that is both soft and firm, gradually getting stiffer as it is compressed. At the same time however, it is still velocity sensitive. Pretty complicated stuff, but this is the shock you want for the ultimate in adjustibilty, ride quality and performance. It (if properly set up) allows the vehicle to puff right over the smaller stutter bumps like a cadillac, and at the same time be able to control the really big hits without bottoming hard. They provide the utmost in dampening control.

Hope that didnt get too techy,

shmoishere wrote:FYI,

adjusting the nitrogen charge doesn't effect the shocks ability to dampen movement, at least not much. To make the shock "work" differently would require tearing it down and changing the internal valving. Adding Nitrogen WILL slightly increase the theoretical spring rate however.

This brings up a good subject. A LOT of guys have a misunderstanding of the difference between "dampening" and "supporting". Shocks and springs do not do perform the same jobs, yet so many people think they are damn near interchangable items, especially since the use of air shocks has become so mainstream. Let it be known, you cannot shock a car to compensate for a weak spring rate and visa versa. Well you can, But the car will not work for shite...hahaha. Maybe we should start a new thread regarding shocks, springs and their functions. I hear of way to many guys heading in the wrong direction regarding these items.

Shoptalkforums Member Builds
Please add as needed.

Technical Pages

The 10 Commandments of auto repair

The Hover Sermons ... index.html


This is a big uhhh, Rail I guess you might call it.

Those useless Jamar park-loc valves!
Trailing Arms
Tranny Talk

Troubleshooting Automotive Electrical Problems

Troubleshooting Checklist - Carburetor Problems

Troubleshooting Checklist - Drum Brakes
Tube Bending Tech

Urethane Bushings


VW Dictionary

Wipers for rail buggies, where and what to get?

Wiring Diagram

Stock suspension setups for all US imported model type 1 with manual transmission:
-65: short axle short spline swing axle, five lug linkpin front end.
66: short axle short spline swing axle, five lug balljoint front end.
67: short axle long spline swing axle, five lug balljoint front end.
68: long axle long spline swing axle, four lug balljoint front end
69+: IRS long spline, four lug balljoint front end

Posted: Mon Nov 27, 2006 9:47 am
by MNAirHead
Cylinder head to intake port matching by Scott ... y&t=105315

My Short List of Favorites

Posted: Mon Dec 04, 2006 12:06 pm
by david58

0000000big nutz
1 Race parts
2lo Designs Galleries
56 Packard Taillight Lens
Action Import Motors - Volkswagen Specialists
Adventures in our VW's and Other Interesting Things
Affordable suspensions
AllAirCooled.Com - Connecting the World Wide Air-Cooled Community!
Aircooled Technology's DTM aka Down The Middle Shroud:
American Sand Association View topic - Project Street Beetle to Subaru powered Sand Bug ... hp?t=14063
Arctic Air-Cooled VWs Club Forum Index
Art Cars by Kent Bash
Automotive Troubleshooting Secrets Your auto repair solutions
http://www.automotivetroubleshootingsec ... index.html
Baja Bug and Beetle glass fenders
Baja Bus Technical
Baja Bus Technical 2
Baywindow FAQ
Beetle Speedometer Cables
Borgeson And Mullins u-joints
Brake Proportioning on a Buggy (non disk brake) ... D=32.topic
BTW Homepage
BUGCITY offers Car Covers, Books, Stickers, Plates & Other VW Accessories ... books.html
Bus Boys Inc.
Calculators from
Catalog Graphics
Chain Drive Rails, when your serious about hill climbing.
Chirco is building a VW Baja Bug
Cip ... n%2E%2E%2E
Continental USA Prices for the 12-volt Swampy SpaceKoolr.
CSP-Shop Disc Brakes ... 5452613163
Dan's Performance Parts
Deluxe QuickCar 5 Point Racing Harness
Diablo Rack & Pinion System
Diagnose Engine No Start or Run
Dirt Road Magazine - Gear Ratio Calculator
Double U-Joints ... cat115.htm
Dune Buggy Body .com trikes - Classified Ad Listings ... eWanted=-1
Dune Links
Electrical Troubleshooting ... oting.html
EMPI Products - Action Import - VW Specialists
Engine Adapters
Fitting a rack and pinion unit,+% ... ,altavista
Fox Air Shox Report
Ga Vw
gas heaters:
Gear Ratio Calculator
Gear and Tire Applet
Gear Ratio Calc
Gear Ratios!
Thing reduction gear adaptors pics
Minimizing Gear Reduction Hop.
Gear Up!
Generator to alternator
Gibbs Brand penetrate - Buggies for sale ... owforum=98 formerly Innovations in Fiberglass
Great VW site
Harvey's Auto Parts
Hecker Machine Works, Inc.
Here's my model 3 Hydro Conversion [Archive] - OFN Forums ... /t-43.html
Hoffman Automotive Machine, Inc.
Hossfield Manufacturing offers iron benders, metal benders and pipe bending dies.
How Can This Be True, Math Nerds ... BeTrue.htm
How to build your own world-class volkswagen show trike.
Howstuffworks Science Channel
Ignition Coil at Inner Auto Parts ... tion_Coil/
Jay Baja conversion Volkswagen sand rail cut turn beam jay Baja
JEGS High Performance - Wildwood Proportioning Valves ... ryId=10165
John's Bug Shop
Jus Bugs Quality VW Parts
Just Vee Dubs, Inc - VW Transmission - VW Transmission Prices
keys, lock cylinders:
K&N filters
Ksport USA - Performance Suspension
Links to VW
Low Oil Pressure at Idle ... highlight=
MidSouth VW Tech Page
MIG Welders
Mini Rail Parts Plans & Off-road Go Karts
Mo-Kan VW Club
MOTOR - A Rear Axle Calculator
Narrow Bug ... 247005.jpg
Nice VW Stuff
No spark
North West Arkansas Volkswagen Association
off-road parts: Meyers Manx Buggy and Baja info
Old VW Links page - Your source for Vintage VW Parts
One-piece Wide-eye Baja Fiberglass Front End JC Whitney, Volkswagen Parts and Accessories ... 10/c-10110
Pegasus auto racing ... =4384&y=b1
Ozark VW Club
Pacific Customs Unlimited, Inc.
Photo License Plates - Request More Information About License Plates
Plans steering ... index.html
Porsche 356 Registry VW-Porsche Interchangeability
Race-Dezert Image Gallery
Racing rack and pinions,ra ... d.htm,,aol
Rack and Pinion Setup and Service
Raised Spindles 2 ... indles.htm
Roll Cages
Serpentine Belt Pulley System for Volkswagens
So. Cal. Imports ... oTips.aspx
Solving Intermittent Electrical Problems ... .11.01.htm
speed calculator:
Spindle Mount Wheels ... unt+Wheels
Sway A Way VW Components
The BugShop- Welcome Page
The Low Bugget , A.J.Sims & Kadron carb website!!!!!!!
The Original Davesport All-Wheel Drive Bug
The UnDutchables Aircooled VW Posse Beetle VIN numbers ... dating.php View topic - Bus reduction boxes in bug VW Classifieds
THINGS and other VW items
Things Unlimited On-line Parts for "VW Thing"
Tilton Engineering
Transporter Garden
Turn Key Engine Supply ... ckages.htm
USED PARTS Econo International Supply
Used Porsche car parts for sale
Used VW Parts, New VW Parts and Performance Parts
VDO, Auto Meter, Defi, Isspro, Cyberdyne and Classic Instruments Gauges
Vee Dub Parts Unlimited Gear Ratio Calculator
Vic's VW
Vintage Volkswagen Association of Montgomery, Alabama
Vintage Volkswagens, Forum & Information - pre67vw
VintageBus.Com - 1949 to 1967 VW Buses
VintageBus.Com - Transaxles
Virtual VW
Volks-Swap Engine Adapter Links Hecker Machine Works - Engine Adapters (USA) ... 9&thread=2
Volkswagen (VW) Beetle Parts and Accessories - Product Listing
Volkswebbin - Technical
VW Discussions - Forums NEW ... ba4f49&f=7
VW Sites - Volkswagen Bus & Campmobile Links - Information, News, Parts, Links
VW Transmission Diagrams List ... amlist.htm
VW, Vintage Volkswagen, classic beetles, VW Bus, VW Sale, hebmuller, rometsch Off-Road Gallery
VWC-111-801-045-D,VW ... ,altavista
VW's & Sand Cars - Mother Lode VW Club, FREE VW Classifieds
VZi - How to get a free exhaust gas analyzer!
Way Out Salvage, Inc. an all VW Salvage yard in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas
Weber Carburetors, Conversion Kits - Pierce Manifolds Inc.
Wishbone front-end
Without Guess work Tech manuals:
Wiring Diagrams
Electrical Diagrams Came From Here

Basic Power Circuits
Ignition Circuit
Starter Circuit
Charging Circuit VW
Turnsignal Circuit VW
Brake Lamp Circuit VW

The following Diagrams came from this Website
1302Wiring Diagram
World of Decals ... e_0001.htm
Wouter's page VW Gearbox Ratios View Forum - VW Suspension and Tires ... 6000ff3b2d - Home Page
Zenith carb tuning:

Re: ==Thread Hall of Fame - Content Sticky==

Posted: Sun Nov 28, 2010 5:31 pm
by Leatherneck
Any interest in adding to this thread. NO BS (herbie) keep it on topic or it will disappear without notice.

Re: ==Thread Hall of Fame - Content Sticky==

Posted: Wed Aug 20, 2014 11:10 am
by rickosuave1987

Re: ==Thread Hall of Fame - Content Sticky==

Posted: Wed Aug 20, 2014 12:20 pm
by david58
Wow I am impressed to see somebody else add to this thread. :twisted:

Re: ==Thread Hall of Fame - Content Sticky==

Posted: Wed Aug 20, 2014 1:09 pm
by Ol'fogasaurus

An easy way to do some calculations


:oops: I meant to post this here

Re: ==Thread Hall of Fame - Content Sticky==

Posted: Wed Aug 20, 2014 5:03 pm
by itawolf
Joels a/c system on his super with ej power

and the aussie site too ... 443&page=8

Re: ==Thread Hall of Fame - Content Sticky==

Posted: Sat Jul 29, 2017 11:18 am
by Ol'fogasaurus
Fixing cracks in sheet metal, tube, et al.

When I first bought my blue buggy I was very much overwhelmed and missed a lot of things. I even passed on a heck of a deal for a good price on a very nice rail mostly because I didn't understand what I was looking at or being talked about. I was also played with: given some really bad information that I think I am still carrying which is another reason I try to give the best info I can.

I ended up buying the blue buggy then, after one or two short trips to the dunes got ready to tear it down to make it more off-road worth based on what I thought was correct at the time. One of the things I had missed when I was looking at it was there was a crack in the tunnel at the rear of the hole for the e-brake (the angled up mounts of the brake had been removed which weakened up the area. Also, the cut for shortening the pan is usually made about 1" behind the e-brake hole.) going down both sides of the tunnel.

I cleaned the area up then had it welded by someone who was supposed to know what he was doing (he did!). Shortly there after the crack came back again, in the same area, so I had it rewelded again. After the third time I had a large boot/doubler made from sheet metal and bent to fit over the area then it too was welded in place; ~20 years later it is still holding.

One of the things that I don't think was done before the welding what to drill the end of the crack (only one end as the crack came in from the side of the hole but if the crack was in the middle of something then both ends would be drilled. After doing a search on the subject today I am attaching only one URL on this but there is a lot of comments on this, some of it being not too good in my opinion as some things stated were absolutely not true. One of the comments below is a truism: the ends of the crack may extend farther than the end showing on the surface shows!

Also on tubing, the recommendation was to drill, weld then add a doubler over the area. ... -car-frame

At the same time I looked up stress relieving after welding but, with the exception of two posts in a string the idea of localized stress relieving via a torch was not talked about. The one said it wouldn't work and the other said yes, it does work. I have seen it done several times by professional welder, depending on what they were told the part would be used for but the results I never heard about so I can't say a "yea or nay".

For what its worth.