Getting to know you

With Turbo and Super charging you can create massive horsepower with vw motors.

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Re: Getting to know you

Post by seabeebuggy » Thu Apr 28, 2011 7:01 am

Welcome Vwjedi ! How about some photos. We have a stickie for peoples rides and if you like to we love people to make a build thread showing how the car / engine came to be.

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Re: Getting to know you

Post by seabeebuggy » Thu Apr 28, 2011 7:02 am

seabeebuggy wrote:Welcome Vwjedi ! How about some photos. We have a stickie for peoples rides and if you like to we love people to make a build thread showing how the car / engine came to be.
PS Thanks for bringing this seriously lost thread back. :D

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Re: Getting to know you

Post by John_S » Mon May 02, 2011 3:29 am

John Skeldon
U.K. - England
not married just happily living in sin :)
age 36
education , degree in electronics
Job .. Mobile Auto Electrictian (plugs in to cars with laptop ,ect.. , also build VW aircooled engines and wiring looms
Car : 1964 Sunroof 1200. (engine 2276 Turbo , Megaquirt Fuel and spark , Jenvey throttle bodies , around the 225-250bhp mark). Ive had the car since i was 18 i did all the major welding on it . Then spent 10 years in my parents garage doing nothing , been on the road about 5 years or so buts it evolved from a 1600 to a 1776 to a 2110 to 2276 then the turbo.


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Re: Getting to know you

Post by Leatherneck » Sat Apr 07, 2012 11:04 am


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Re: Getting to know you

Post by MarioVelotta » Sat Apr 07, 2012 5:54 pm

Nice bump
The Dub Shop
2276 Turbo - 92 Octane
11.537 @ 115.74mph - 15psi
1600 S.C. - 92 Octane
15.47 @ 83mph - 13psi
1600 NA ITB - 18sec :lol:

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Re: Getting to know you

Post by Clonebug » Sat Apr 07, 2012 11:11 pm

I just went through all the pages and most of the introductees in here haven't posted in quite some time.

Seems most of us now are newbies but have been posting for a couple years for sure.

I'll start things over......
Name Art De Boer
Age---51 almost 52
Married--Wife--- one child (13yr old girl) at home out of 3
Education----High school grade 12
Job---Equipment Operator....Mostly finish grade and some paving----Topside operator...... but can pretty well run anything that has an engine and does the work for ya...
Car-----64 bug pan with a Safari Dune buggy body......1679 cc turbo blow through Bocar 34 stock carb with crank fired EDIS/MS-1 ignition 13 lbs. boost
Bought the body in Jan. of 2001 gathered parts, built and licensed in Sept of 2004.... modified every winter like clock work.... it will never be done and probably never get paint either. I call it a hobby but it really is an addiction........
I owned a 1969 Ghia in the mid 80's and a 1969 VW Sqareback with automatic in 1989 that was a daily driver for at least 4 years.....

How I found the tired old body


What it looked like last ain't the prettiest thing but it is a lot of fun.


The business end with the new 1679 engine all prettied up and installed...

Stripped66 wrote:The point wasn't to argue air temps with the current world record holder, but to dispel the claim that the K03 is wrapped up at 150 HP. It's not.

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Re: Getting to know you

Post by tylers_59 » Tue Aug 27, 2013 12:29 pm

well guys, my names tyler

not married. single and loving it
education- highschool and some navy schools. not enough yet
job- work as a minesweep BM. my actual rating is MINEMAN. work on some of the last wooden boats in the navy
hobbies- cars, copious amounts of beer, guns

i have been into taking things apart since i was little. Only ever built one engine from the ground up when i was 14, don't remember much other then it was a type 4 and that it shattered the cam gear into 6 pieces a few months later.

I have had 4 acvws and on my 5th. hoping to keep this one for awhile. would really like to turbo it and make it a daily driver for the time i am back in the states. e-3 paycheck don't leave a whole ton of play money though, so i am going to try to do it on a good dime with the knowledge from all of you!

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Re: Getting to know you

Post by davegeezzer008 » Sun Jan 04, 2015 10:08 am

Hi Guys thought id get this thread going again!!.

Name- Dave
Age - 47
Nationality - British
Marital status - Married 4yrs
Children - Charlie 20, charlotte 21
Pets - 4 Ferrets, 3 rabbits,4 chickens, 4 Dogs Lanashire healers,
Job - Posession management/ Health and safety officer on Railway. Part time 17th edition Sparky.
Best job- one ive got (get loads of spare time to play with my toys !!).
Hobbies - My vw"s, Surfing,

Been into VW"S for around 12yrs, i bought my first buggy when i was drunk in the pub when a mate was short of money !, Own a Westfalia Vanagon t3, and a Beachbuggy that started life as a 1300 then 1641 then 2110 now building a 2110 turbo EFI


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Re: Getting to know you

Post by andy198712 » Sun Jan 04, 2015 5:42 pm

Do you live in cornwall??

May as well do mine!!

College, dropped out of uni,
Currently Aircraft engineer in Royal Navy (engineer termed loosely)
5 year very understanding about car parts in the house girlfriend.
Live in cornwall UK.
Got. 72 1200 standard, running the 1200's ignition on ms1 2.2 and building a 2110 with gsxr tbi's :)


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Re: Getting to know you

Post by hemicat » Sun Jan 04, 2015 10:07 pm

Been on here for a little while but just getting into the boost thing

I'm Cody
Born and raised in Brooksville,FL (about an hour north of Tampa)
Single, no kids (Tried the girlfriend thing and it just took away from the vw time and money)
High school plus Associates in Heavy Equipment Dealer Service Technology
Currently a heavy equipment field tech at Ringpower (Caterpillar)
Love my job, working on my bug and riding 4 wheelers

Have a 1973 standard with a 1915. Started out in vw's when my buddy said lets get a project vehicle before we got out of high school and ended up with another buddies rail. Abandoned that when I found my current body and haven't looked back. Should be getting most of the rest of my parts on Tuesday to get the turbo on. Turned it into a baja and lifted it 3" with spindles up front and 3" spring plates out back. Then put 3x3 trailing arms on and Fox shocks all the way around. Haven't been off road yet but hoping to soon, just getting engine break in done. Currently have the CB Quicktune with crank trigger and getting ready to put on a T3, so we shall see what that does. Just needed some more top end... Already get more looks than my buddies trucks that are lifted 6" and on 35's even though I'm only running 31's. I still have more ground clearance than them though!

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Re: Getting to know you

Post by seabeebuggy » Fri Feb 06, 2015 1:59 pm

I will make this a sticky.

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Re: Getting to know you

Post by Howie » Fri Feb 06, 2015 11:14 pm

I'm not sure if I ever posted on this, but I'm posting again. I'm 61, and have the baddest Ghia in this area. A turbo, fi, hot pink 73' Ghia. I love it. I've always had Ghia's except for my first VW which was a Bug. My '73 is the fastest. I've always loved these great cars!
1973 Karmann Ghia
Turbocharged, Fuel Injected, and Fast!

Greg Chapa
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Re: Getting to know you

Post by Greg Chapa » Sun Feb 08, 2015 3:41 am

Never posted on the forum been reading it for years

I'm Greg , live in Houston Tx , married , I went to St Thomas High School but graduated from Lamar High School , opened a used car lot as a college business class project .. That project lasted 10 years I never finished college but that experience helped me be able adapt to many other career changes over the years I became a master machinist .. Self educated CNC programmer worked my way into the engineering department of the start up company I was a machinist for .. I needed something to keep my hands busy so started designing and building one of the nastiest R/C drag race chassis in the country .. I recently sold the business to a good friend and now have re dedicated my time to my Beetles

My love of beetles started with , It's all I could afford for a first car May 13 1986 . Bought a canary yellow 1971 DP for 500.00 . I bought a few must haves or at least what a 15 year old thought was must haves . 1 year later taking a friend home after football practice I was hit head on by a young lady pulling onto a one way street .. The impact was so bad the front end was folded up and covering the front windshield area , the gas tank was flattened and I taco shelled my steering wheel to the point my hands where pinned .. Both doors buckeled and flew open .... That was the day I decided to buy a big truck to drive every day and go racing with my beetles ... Present day I have a 64 beetle .. 2387cc NA .. On its way to FI turbo set up ... N/A best ET so far is 11.15@121 ...

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Re: Getting to know you

Post by seabeebuggy » Sun Feb 08, 2015 2:40 pm

Welcome Greg.

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Re: Getting to know you

Post by raulvallev » Thu Apr 02, 2015 7:53 pm

Age = 49
Location = Lima, Peru
Nationality = Peruvian
Marital Status = Married
Children = two
Interests = cars, airsoft, bonsays,
Education = Master in Finance
Career = Administrator Manager
Military History = No, just play airsoft.....
Coolest Job = all have something cool
TV = None
Dog = not now
VW Cylinder Index = My fist car was a 82 VW,
Now I have a 79 BAJA and just bougth a 70 German VW

VW Interest…
I love to travel in my baja when my kids were younger (now they dont fit in the back seat!!), And now I use it to race in the high lands,
also have bougth last year a 1970 German VW, but to keep it to drive in the city, later will put some poison in the engine... fist have to fix my Baja that has no engine, last year died after 8 years of abuse!!!
Thanks for let me learn from you.
Raul ... detailpage

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