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With Turbo and Super charging you can create massive horsepower with vw motors.

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scott the viking
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Turbo Gallery

Post by scott the viking » Sat Dec 09, 2006 8:27 pm

Thought it would be nice to have a thread for just pictures of our stuff. Finished engines or just a project you're working on, it doesn't matter.
I always like to take a look at what others have done rather than just read about it.
I know Marty has some really cool looking/running goodies..and I really love to look at it (as I am sure we all do) But don't get intimidated... it does not have to be anywhere near that level...If you threw together a turbo engine out of some old exhaust pipe and radiator hose...then I would still like to see it.

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Post by mightymanx » Sat Dec 09, 2006 9:27 pm

My engine with body on


Without body

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Post by panel » Sat Dec 09, 2006 11:16 pm

Newest pic of the motor


About a one year ago pic of the bus

Subaru JDM EJ20 Turbo bus
Built by Germans powered by Japanese and brought together by Canadians

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Post by seabeebuggy » Sat Dec 09, 2006 11:25 pm

here is mine less the AKKY injection it looks like this now


this was before it looked better with out the intercooler. but i hate to detionate again. sooooo ugly it is. until i have a custom cooler made..


and before that.
hideaway set up.

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mike thompson
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Post by mike thompson » Tue Dec 12, 2006 7:24 am

Great idea Scott, making topics like this a sticky.
1600, ported stock heads w/ CB cheater cam, hd singles, IHI-5 turbo off ford probe and Mustang 1bbl carb. Big fuel line to stock pump, xtra springs in a bus pressure plate.
Ran 13.9 @98 blowing into a 34pct, this should be better.

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Post by mschilling » Tue Dec 12, 2006 9:45 am

Here's my engine built in the early 90's, AJ turboed in 2005, efi added in 2006, and will get a new cam, etc., this winter.

Richie S
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Post by Richie S » Tue Dec 12, 2006 4:31 pm

[img][img]http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y227/j ... 0_0688.jpg[/img][/img]

2332cc BA with DTA EFI and Garrett TO4 Turbo

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Post by turbo54 » Tue Dec 12, 2006 5:53 pm

2165, eliminator heads, GT2871RS, EFI and intercooled.



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Rob B
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Post by Rob B » Fri Dec 15, 2006 1:32 am


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Post by bugsterkafer » Sun Dec 17, 2006 9:22 am

Very nice bug Volksnut 8)

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Post by Mabbo » Sun Dec 17, 2006 10:02 am

its a crap photo i know, but its the best i have at the min

i need to tidy my wiring up a bit and fit the air filter.

anyway - 1955cc efi turbo:



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Post by disturbthepeace » Sun Dec 17, 2006 3:28 pm


1914cc, T3/4, TCS20, ported 044 42x37, 12ps pump gas with alky injection.... All built by myself.


best e.t. to date 11.89@113mph with a 1.64 on street tires and 16psi

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Post by brookester » Mon Dec 18, 2006 10:49 am


James Buchan
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Post by James Buchan » Mon Dec 18, 2006 12:27 pm


In This:


1914 - 42x37 044's, Pauter T3E8 cam, 1.25 rockers, 1.5 header, T04B, Tial 38mm wastegate etc etc...

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Matt Davis
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Post by Matt Davis » Tue Dec 19, 2006 12:12 am

All your cars are bitchen!!! Love it! I'd post up pics, but everyone knows what a stock 67 looks like.. :oops: :twisted:

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