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Post by kingkerl » Fri Jul 12, 2013 10:17 am

Can I install a 1974 412 Engine and Automatic 3 Speed Transmission into a 1974 Thing

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Re: 412 ENGINE

Post by Piledriver » Fri Jul 12, 2013 6:20 pm

kingkerl wrote:Can I install a 1974 412 Engine and Automatic 3 Speed Transmission into a 1974 Thing
Welcome to the STF!

Possible: Yes, but major mods required for the full automatic transmission.

The T4 engines cooling setup can be converted to T1 "upright" style, and is a bolt in with the proper flywheel/clutch setup.

To install the (real) automatic transmission, the frame horns would need to be cut out and a subframe built to replace their function, as the automatic is much wider than the manual, esp at the bottom where the framehorns live.
The axles are also different lengths, need matching Type3 auto axles.

It would be a nice setup when done, and there are even good reasons to do it, but it will require hard to revert mods to a collectable vehicle.

The "semi" automatic used in T1s was essentially a manual transmission with a torque converter and a hydraulic clutch that was electrically operated.
It did fit between the frame horns, but I would personally merrily take a sawzall to a Thing and weld up a subframe before installing one of those.
(Some people love the semi-autos)
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