Making the Indian "Solex" copies work on a 36HP

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Making the Indian "Solex" copies work on a 36HP

Post by CaliforniaMilleGhia » Wed May 16, 2018 2:06 pm


My friend wants to build a mild 36hp motor for his stock 1956 Oval window

He wants to use a pair of Solex 32 PBIC type carbs like some of the German tuners used back in the 50s

There are Solex repros made in India that are sold with the Okrasa kits ,

Has anyone used them ? what do you have to fix to make them run right ?
Is everything machined right
What jets to start with ?

Right now the idea is a mild cam . 2nd overbore stock barrels ( we have NOS pistons) , light head porting and an Abarth type exhaust.....and throw a Fram filter on it for looks :)

Thanks for your help

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Re: Making the Indian "Solex" copies work on a 36HP

Post by GARRICK.CLARK » Sun Jun 24, 2018 3:06 am

I would look at an SU carb. I use an HS8 on my motor. Variable choke size, so the engine always has good port velocity throughout the rev range.

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