1600dp budget turbo build

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1600dp budget turbo build

Post by woolardgarage » Thu Jun 28, 2018 6:25 pm

Ok here is the build I'm thinking off let me know if there is anything wrong with this build.

Stock case
Stock Crank
Stock cam
Stock Pistons and barrels
041 Heads
Forged 1.4:1 rockers
VW650 dual Valve springs
Supergrip snakeskin valves
Chromoly pushrods
Titanium Retainers
Lightweight 8 dowel flywheel
Chromoly Gland nut
CB performance Turbo header
Dellorto side draft 40 carb
Used t25 or t3 turbo rebuilt from like a saab or subaru
MSD 6AL box
MSD 2step
Pentronix flamethrower Distributor
Bosch blue 009 coil

Might have left out a few parts. This is going in my 1969 standard bug for some mild street fun. I want to make between 120-180 hp to the crank at 7-14psi (I'm trying to be as realistic as possible). I also want to redline at 5.5-6k. Let me know if any of this seems like it will work together or if my goals aren't realistic. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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