1600 or 1745cc L-Jet Engine build

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1600 or 1745cc L-Jet Engine build

Post by chip_pirate » Wed Jul 18, 2018 9:57 pm


Been a long time guest user of shoptalk forums, but this is my first post. This site is great and has lots of good technical info. I am in the process of planning my first build for my 74 Standard Beetle which I use as a daily driver in the spring/summer. I was originally going to convert my 1600 carb engine to L-Jet this summer,and even bought brand EMPI new heads with the CHT sensor but found out when I pulled my engine that it had excessive end play and pounded the case pretty bad (will likely need a new case).

The crank looks ok haven't taken the rods off yet, but rod clearances are ~0.010 in. Haven't yet taken to local machine shop to see if I could get away with a polish or if it will require a grind. If a grind is required, the cost to do so is comparable to purchasing a new crank.

Since I have brand new heads stock 1600 heads I would like to use them (and no one local can machine the heads for larger cylinders), I think for now I am stuck with 85.5 mm bore

So with the above in mind, I have a few options and looking for advice.

Option 1: Build a stock 1600 re-using as much of stock parts as possible (e.g. just buy a new case, get the crank polished, and use my new heads.) Was thinking of upgrading cam at this time to either Engle W90 or CB 2280

Option 2: Build a 1745cc, not sure if L-Jet can handle this ~200cc capacity increase? Same as option 1, was thinking of using the engle W90 cam or CB2280.

I have read that some have used L-Jet for up to 1776cc, so I figure a 1745cc might be ok?


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