Oil gallery plug sizes

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Oil gallery plug sizes

Post by AMBROSIA » Fri Nov 11, 2016 11:29 am

I'm in the process of drilling though my newly fitted lifter bushes.
I've popped out the two plugs for access plus the rear main gallery plug to aid proper cleaning when i'm done.
Clearly the main plug size is different from a T1 case so I can't use the empi kit that's available.
What sizes have you guys used as I would rather use a hex plug rather than a press fit stock unit?


Just measured the core plugs i have removed:

15.13mm for the main gallery.
8.15mm for the lifter gallery.

Looks like I need a 3/8 npt for the main (just) and 1/4 npt for the lifters drilled out to 11mm (7/16").

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