NOS 25/36hp & 40hp Parts

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NOS 25/36hp & 40hp Parts

Post by reezvaan » Mon Sep 16, 2013 10:00 am

I have a few of 25/36hp NOS parts for sale, as well as a couple of 40hp parts, including

25/36hp PARTS

NOS ATE 25/36hp Valves
x8 (complete set of exhaust/intake)
VW part # 111 109 611A &
VW part # 111 109 601A

NOS 25/36hp Cam Shaft
VW Part # 111 109 111

NOS 3.44:1 Crown Wheel & Pinion
VW Part # 113 517 141B

NOS 25/36hp Valves' Cover

40hp PARTS

NOS 40hp Karl Schmidt Main Bearing Set - STD Size
VW Part # 070 198 461

NOS 40hp SP Round Boss Head
VW Part # 113 101 371
Has fin damage / 2 hair line cracks


Can get more pics/information if and when required. Looking best offers for the lot. Paypal OK

PS: the Bendix, solenoid & armature are NOT included in this lot for sale.

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Re: NOS 25/36hp & 40hp Parts

Post by Lutsch » Thu Nov 26, 2015 2:42 am

Hello reezvaan,

I've got a VW T1 (year 1958) and I need a Crown Wheel and Pinion NOS 3.44:1 for my GearBox.
Do you still have this parts with this Number VW Part # 113 517 141B?
If not, do you how to get one?

Thanks a lot

T1 Lutsch from Bavaria

Please contact me via mail:

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