Mein Käferraum (Beetle memorabilia pr0n)

Post pictures of your pride and joy here!
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Mein Käferraum (Beetle memorabilia pr0n)

Post by KarenTheBug » Thu Feb 09, 2012 11:13 pm

I've been collecting Beetle toys since I was a little kid (somewhere I think we have pictures of me at the toddler stage or even younger playing with this stuff), and am even in the process of turning my master bedroom into a "shrine" where I can display all my goodies - Mein Käferraum, as I call it.

Was out cruising in my '71 today and saw a Toys 'R' Us I've never been to before, so I decided to stop in & take a look. So glad I did - scored these two Black Bandits, which I think are discontinued :D I was so excited, I had to share.

As soon as I'm finished putting the room together & framing the vintage '60s Beetle ads I bought recently, I'll keep building this thread to show off my goodies. Does anyone else on here have a huge memorabilia collection?
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Re: Mein Käferraum (Beetle memorabilia pr0n)

Post by iavwguy » Fri Sep 21, 2012 9:36 pm

I have tons of VW stuff. I have all kinds of different things from toys to phones a toliet paper holder that looks like the back of a bug. I have hundreds of VW hotwheels. Currently it is all boxed up because I got married again and my wifes daughter now has my VW room as a bued room

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