one piece window help

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one piece window help

Post by westypoo » Sun Mar 24, 2013 5:45 pm

well ive been assembling my bug now that its painted and really trying to make headway on it. the last few weeks have been, i take 2 steps fwd, just to end up 4 steps back. oh well ill work thru it. so i bought a one piece window kit thru mid amarica. of course its an empi kit. well the one piece window scrapers are just a giant pile of junk. the clips that are suppose to hold in the scrapers dont work, i have no idea how they could. basically once you install the clips into the scrapers, the rubber is so thick that it wont allow the clip to clip into the door like it should. i called a friend of mine since he has them on his bug, he said to use windshield glue that they use on most new cars. so i tried that and it ended up being a huge mess. so i ditched that idea. today i tried using screws to screw them into place, although i did succeed, the end result i was not happy with. what happened was once i got the otter scraper installed, it was VERY hard to get the inner scraper installed. i did this with the glass taken out of the door. so im asking if any have any suggestions as to where i can buy a good quality set of scrapers, or some sort of insight as to how to install these things.

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Re: one piece window help

Post by SBR4308 » Sun May 18, 2014 7:47 pm

I see this is an old post but haven't been on site for a while, thought i would share something that worked on holding in scrapers without glue. Bought new windows 3 yeas back for a project and they came with some really nasty pieces so i purchased some from CB performance. Now here's the trick...where the bottom of scraper has the raised edge....cut it flat in 2 places....make sure the metal lip inside door is straight with no edge. snap in with original style clips and where the cuts are use some clips that come with audio speakers (you will have to spread them a little) and slip them over the scraper and sheet metal making sure the curved out part of the clip is not installed towards class. I used 2 clips per scraper, one as far to front as possible, no glue and have yet to have a scraper roll out when rolling up window. I also cut and curve scraper to match door. its not quick and easy but with some patients you will be happy with the result.

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