Playing with unobtanium

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Re: Playing with unobtanium

Post by Ol'fogasaurus » Sat Feb 25, 2017 4:19 pm

Hokey, it took the guy less than 30 seconds to fix it.

This is considered a form of advertizing (nasty advertizing in my opinion). If your screen suddenly goes black as you open a search and simaltaniously locks up and a message to call a phone number immeaditly disconnect from the web and then shut down. Let it sit for a minute or so then restart but stay off the web. Do a control, alt, delete similtaniously and your computer should shut off. Restart normally and you should be OK. If not there are otherways to fix it but I would advise to see a pro on it.

What the AHs are doing is either to add something to the outside of the URL you are looking at or to duplicate a top viewed (the answers to a search are ususally the most viewed at the top as I understand it) or create a duplicate URL of the most viewed with their webside hidden under it. You click on the phony one and you are tagged.

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Re: Playing with unobtanium

Post by raygreenwood » Sat Feb 25, 2017 7:12 pm

Use malwarebytes. Pay for it....not the free poop.

Malwarebytes.....can stop about 90% of ransomware dead. The other cool thing.....on the Malwarebytes pro subscription is a script/program called "chamelion". You load it when you install MWB.....and it has about 25-30 small virus killer scripts in it that are disguised and dormant. You load it into a trash folder on the desktop.
What it operate in or out of safe mode to kill viruses that are designed to go after and circumvent your anti virus and anti-Malware software.....which makes up about the other 10% of ransomware.
When one of those zaps you.....hit the kill button, press F8 on startup.....dont even mess with going,anywhere...just click on the folder on your desktop before the screen blanks out....and it goes to work. It is a camoflaged launcher for Malwarebytes.

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