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Blast and shot peening information

Posted: Fri Jul 14, 2017 11:07 am
by Ol'fogasaurus
Not sure where to post this so this is the place. Moderators please move it to it's best location.

Recently the subject of shot peening came up with piqued my interest in whether a cheap blast cabinet can be used for shot peening so some research came up with these things. I’m beginning to think not as the material in the cabinet is a bit thin. Below is some information I have gleaned other than just relying on advertisements’. ... t-peening/

A short piece on what shot peening is. ... ve-to-use/ ... media.html

Blast media information. ... u-Lari.pdf

Basic shot peening information. A bit technical but the basics are there.

This is the SAE site on shot peening. This is a list of the specs; the kind of information I had to wade through most of my working life