gearbox vibration?

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gearbox vibration?

Post by johnwalklett » Sat May 26, 2018 2:59 pm

Hi Guys

A friend contacted me to day with a possible gearbox issue and I didnt have the answer and wondered if anyone can help?

He has a rancho pro steet box in a 51 barddoor bus. after about 50 miles of trouble free driving there a severe vibration from the rear of the van that seems to originate from the gearbox. If he pulls over and for a few minutes and then continues his journey the drive train is fine again for another 10 miles or so then the vibration returns?

Any ideas?

Casting Timmy
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Re: gearbox vibration?

Post by Casting Timmy » Sun May 27, 2018 6:25 am

Page 47 has the super diff stuff ... ?p=7959012

I didn't work the openings up this much, but did open the diff up so that oil could get to the fulcrum plates. I also did the factory conversion for a ZF diff to the side covers so that oil can get to the fulcrum plates from outside as well.

Some really say the factory drill super diffs from Weddle do fine, which would be what Rancho uses as there is some relationship there between the two. I would still guess it's highway speeds that show the difference, I found another thread a while ago where they talked about it happening over 55mph and then a little driving at 55mph would get oil to it again and all would be fine. My build was for someone to do 70 mph a lot, so I opened up the factory drilled holes and added holes to the side covers.

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