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OUTLAW Thing shroud kit in silver vein powdercoat $185

Posted: Wed Oct 14, 2015 12:47 pm
by volkaholic1
First things first, this is NOT a real Thing type 181 shroud, that is why is says OUTLAW in the title. It is a stock shroud with the heater ducts cut off, welded up and bondo. I will not sell it as the real thing, so I went outlaw, cut off the charcoal canister tube on the passenger side, welded up the coil mounts, cut off the wire tabs, added a venturi ring for max cooling. then added a real german alt/gen backing plate set, accel cable tube, new hoover bit, and new SCAT cylinder tins with new air vanes added. all powdercoated in textured silver vein. The shroud is not perfect, and this is reflected in the price. This is a good deal for the right person. Put this on a baja and go, or add your own parts to finish, or I can start with this and add more parts for a complete kit. shipping extra