Misc. Thing Parts for sale or trade

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Misc. Thing Parts for sale or trade

Post by Bucko » Wed Jan 11, 2006 9:03 am

I have the following:

1) Complete B4 heater for sale: $200.00

2) Complete set of 4 doors for a Thing. No rust, front doors have a
speaker mounted in them: $200.00

I have other small stuff from things as well. If you need a part, post here and I can possibly help out.

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Post by Kubelmann » Thu Jan 12, 2006 12:24 am

BuckomeBucko, Thanks for posting here. I asked to have this forum added as venue to buy sell and trade Thing parts. One of the Things (HA) I would like to do on this forum is have a way to communicate (hey dude the price you are asking is too high. I kinda want this to be a very friendly buy/sell/trade Thing family venue...
I am asking ALL thing members to post a "wish" price for any and all spare thing parts that are taking up space. Then we will start a thread "What is the super friendly price of certain Thing parts and what is the fair market value price. For example what is a known good Thing wiper motor that parks has a rubber gasket motor cover seal (works and looks perfect)worth . Super friendly price ______________
Fair Market Value ________________ Thing Parts Retailer _________-


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