Fusebox issue

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Fusebox issue

Post by rcm » Fri Feb 12, 2016 1:46 pm

Hey gang.

'67 Karmann Ghia

One of my headlights doesn't work (the right one), and neither do the turn signals. (The signals are a can of worms - the assembly fell apart on me and I superglued it back together but I think I may need to replace it)

Took a circuit tester to it last weekend and it looks like some of the terminals in the fusebox are not getting any power at all, while others are. I've attached a picture of the whole mess.

Any idea what I should do? Can/should I replace the fusebox? I'm thinking it might be worth cleaning up the whole thing, but the priority is getting it working. A complete overhaul is on the list of eventual projects.


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Re: Fusebox issue

Post by Dale M. » Fri Feb 19, 2016 11:44 am

Disconnect battery... FIRST

Very carefully move loose wires away for fuse block as best you can, take a picture of what wires are where on fuse block (close up) and get a scotch bright pad or brass wire brush (tooth brush style) and remove connectors one at a time and polish tabs on fuse holder and connector on wire being sure to get in side curl on connector (maybe tighten a tiny bit with pliers) lightly coat connector and tab on fuse block with dielectric grease... and re assemble. also clean and polish fuse and fuse holder, try to keep disconnects to minimum and if you get several wires loose and are unsure where they go refer to picture or a wiring diagram...



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After everything is clean and bright, if something still does not work, trouble shoot it....

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