Rebel Wiring Harness

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Rebel Wiring Harness

Post by Austin3D » Mon Aug 07, 2017 3:58 pm

I posted this in another sub-forum by mistake.
I saw another post from 2007 but didn't see anything for this wiring Harness or if it made a difference (since it comes with relays).

My questions and issues are referring to use of the rebel wiring Harness.
I should also note that I have looked at VW diagrams for the wiring on this and my god is it confusing.

So I am stuck and can't find anything online to help me, or maybe I'm looking at the wrong places.
I completely rewired my '70 bug using the Rebel Deluxe Harness. Everything is connected and runs perfectly, except for the flashers/hazards. I followed the directions exactly but my flashers still won't do anything.
Is there a way to completely ignore the hazard relay and bypass it?,does that effect the flashers at all? Is there something I might be missing?
Hoping others here have ran into the same issue or have experience using the Rebel Harness.

Like I said, I've tried looking online, used the direction, but have had no luck. If you need more information, pictures, etc., please just ask. This whole thing has got my brain totally fried and I'm getting to the point where I'm getting confused and turned upside down anytime I think about it.


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Re: Rebel Wiring Harness

Post by Dale M. » Thu Aug 10, 2017 9:50 am

What year is vehicle?....

This is simplest form of flasher circuit.... You can probably come off any 12volt source to flasher and from flasher to common lead of turnsignal switch and make it work ...This circuit assumes you have separate filament in bulbs dedicated to flasher circuit... Simple two prong (no dash light) or three prong (with dash indicator) flasher will work... Flasher of choice I use is EL-13 type but there are may thermal or solid state flashers that will work.... IF you have converted to LEDS for turn signals, it require flasher designed to flash LEDS... OR load circuit on LED elements to use conventional flasher...



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