Weber carb tuning book

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Weber carb tuning book

Post by JWP » Wed Aug 08, 2012 7:38 am

Do you guys who have purchased the various carb tuning books for Weber's prefer one over the other?

I'm soon in the market dual carbs. I'm considering either 44IDF's or Kadrons. The simplicity of the Kadrons and FJCamper's setup and tuning guide make them real attractive.

I'm wanting to check out a tuning book just to see what I am getting into with each before plopping down 500+ into carbs.

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Re: Weber carb tuning book

Post by Dale M. » Thu Aug 09, 2012 9:59 am

"Weber Tech Manual" by Bob Tomlinson of CB Performance is pretty good...

"Weber Tuning Manual" by Webcon UK LTD is pretty good.... Its a "factory Weber manual"...

"Weber Carburetors" by Pat Braden, published by HP books has lots of carb theory but little on IDF carb on boxter style motors...

I have all three on reference shelf and use them all at various times....

As for carb choices, a lot will depend of application.... If you are staying within 1600-1700 cc displacement range the kadrons are probably more desirable, if you are above 1700 into 2000 cc range 40 IDFs are good, if you are in 1800 - 2200 cc range 44 or 48 IDF are good choices.... Much will depend on engine size and venturi size and jetting options of carbs....

IF you want WEBER IDF style carbs but what to save a few pennies, consider EMPI HPMX carbs they are surpassing the true WEBER for quality and performance... And are so close a copy the parts interchange....

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