48IDA Jetting on a 2276

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48IDA Jetting on a 2276

Post by stevepugh » Fri Oct 11, 2013 6:10 am


I know that jetting over the internet is not the way forward, but I was wondering if with the experience you have or those that have 2276 engines, you could give me the most popular jetting sizes for 48 IDAs on 2276cc engines with a similar spec. I appreciate that all different engines perform slightly different but sometimes there is a pattern with similar specs and a base point would be great rather than the "out of the box" settings.
We are hoping to save ourselves time and money on the rolling road by fitting the closest we can get based on experience, and hopefully 'get lucky' or only need some mixture screw adjustment etc.
Otherwise its hours of trial and error unlike Fuel Injection, where it's a few button clicks..

Spec on our 2276:
CB Ally Race Case.
82mm Counterweighted forged Crank.
5.5" H Beam forged rods.
94mm stroker forged Pistons.
FK10 or Web 86B cam.
42 x 37.5 heads with D Ports.
1 3/4 Merged Header.
Spanish Weber IDA 48s.

Any help would be awesome.

Steve Pugh.

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