Type 4 - Semi-Sequential Settings

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Type 4 - Semi-Sequential Settings

Post by luftvagon » Sat May 12, 2018 3:19 pm

I'm looking to see if anyone implemented Semi-Sequential Fuel in their Type 4 2.0L.

I enabled it as a short test. Previously run untimed injection with 2 squirts simultaneously.

[*]4 Squirts Per Cycle / Alternating (Injector Bank #1 = 1,3 | Injector Bank #2 = 2,4/Matches Wasted Spark Configuration)
[*]Squirt at 90 degree, at the end of pulse.

I noticed a slightly better response, and when at operating temperature, I feel like I gained 300 more RPM at idle? Maybe a coincidence.

Has anyone experimented with other degrees? Suggestions?
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