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Post by 1973VWsb » Mon Oct 09, 2017 4:21 pm

There is a relay ? (SWF A601047) under the rear seat of my 73 VW SB which has a broken terminal and 2 wires disconnected. Is there a replacement for this item and if so where to acquire. Also what does it control?

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Re: Relay

Post by sideshow » Mon Oct 09, 2017 9:14 pm

Well you are the only one here that can see that, but as a rule it will control what it is plugged into.

I've never had anything that new, but the two things that come to mind are;
Rear window defroster, look for factory looking wires going that direction
Hard start relay, look for not factory wires going to the starter motor

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Re: Relay

Post by Marc » Tue Oct 10, 2017 2:40 pm

This question should've been posted in the Electrical or Type I Forum, but I'll answer it if you promise to pay more attention to using the correct forum in the future ;)

It's for the rear window defogger. SWF was but one of the OEM suppliers for the part, 601 047 is their proprietary part number. The Volkswagen P/N is 311 906 061C.

It's a simple single-pole, single-throw relay and you could use anything which meets that description (with a minimum current capacity of 15 amps). Many such relays do not have a mounting tab since they're expected to have a socket to plug into (e.g. the fusepanels of most waterpumpers have at least a couple of them being used for load reduction). You could use one of those so long as you make sure it's not going to have a terminal short out against something - simply taping it onto a stout wire with a few rounds of electrical tape will do - but it's best to seek one out that has the tab to ensure no problem with it coming loose someday.

The same type of relay (in a larger, more rectangular shape) was used to control the fuel pump in injected Type IIIs.

Here's some other makers' part numbers for a comparable part: ... 11906061vw

Terminal 30 = power in (via an inline fuse) from B+
Terminal 85 = ground
Terminal 86 = control signal from switch on dash
Terminal 87 = output to rear window defrost grid (relay may have a double terminal 87, electrically identical)


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