Nostalgia show cars at bug jam

You know, de-chromed, big Porsche rims, Brembos, etc.,... German Look rules!
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Nostalgia show cars at bug jam

Post by Lemonmeringue » Wed May 23, 2001 5:57 pm

Mike from M7 and myself (Lemon Meringue) are trying to trace old show cars pre 96. This came about after I sent a thread on Mikeys website "Where are they now" around xmas for a giggle and more recently another thread from someone else re old show cars. Both have had about 50 hits on each (very popular).

The idea is that a separate area near the show & shine at Bug Jam & also in the hall at VW Action will hold some old show cars, that were a big part of the UK vee dub scene. It doesn't matter what condition that they are in we want to see them.

This is where you come in.

If you know the where abouts of pre 96 famous show cars may of been featured in a mag or was just part of the scene from the early 90's please let me or Mike know. You may own one or know someone that owns one, if so let us know. If you do own a famous show car then Mike & myself have registration form?s to send out to you and we have managed to obtain passes into Bug Jam.

Obviously we know that due to the short time scale of Bug Jam that we may not get all the cars that we want, but it will soon grow, and hopefully at Action we will have the largest display of nostalgia show cars in Europe!

For more info please log into M7A website Forum ( and look for the thread Nostalgia Show Cars at Bug Jam, there is a link to the site which gives you all that you need to know. Or to go straight to the link try:

You can Email me at

We really need your help for this to work


Mike & Stuart

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