Brake Pedal Activated Brake Light Switch

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Brake Pedal Activated Brake Light Switch

Post by A_C_E » Sat Jun 23, 2018 4:33 pm

My 1971 Super Beetle has aftermarket 4-wheel disc brakes. I noticed that with my combination of modern 3-prong replacement brake light switches and 4-wheel disc brakes, my car needed a decent amount of pedal pressure to activate the brake lights. On a light brake apply, my brake lights did not activate.

After having a few close-calls from nearly being rear-ended, I designed a bracket to mount a waterproof microswitch on the pedal assembly, behind the accelerator pedal. This switch is activated by depressing the brake pedal, turning on the brake lights. This switch is wired in parallel to the original hydraulic switches on the master cylinder. I’ve had it on my own vehicle since 2015.

I worked with a local fab shop and the microswitch manufacturer to develop a kit for this pedal-activated brake light switch. These will fit 1958+ Volkswagen Type I, III, and Karmann Ghia using 12V electrical systems or 6V systems using LED bulbs. Installation instructions are included. Please see my ad here: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=150587

These kits are in stock and ready for shipment. I accept PayPal and ship USPS.
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Re: Brake Pedal Activated Brake Light Switch

Post by raygreenwood » Mon Jun 25, 2018 11:27 am

Very nice!

The "stock"...meaning OEM hydraulic switches on my 412 take very little pressure to actuate......but they will be roughly 20 years old once I get the car back off the ground. And the big problem as you are seeing is that the switches available in teh aftermarket now...just plain suck in quality. They are all over the place in pressure and have a short life (leakage wise).

I have been planning to simply plug the ports in the master cylinder and go to a pedal mounted...modern...switch. I am not sure I can use your design as the pedals on the VW 411/412 come from above like a modern car. But you have a nice design and it really is the way to go IMHO. Ray

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Re: Brake Pedal Activated Brake Light Switch

Post by kangaboy » Fri Jun 29, 2018 9:17 am

+1 to ACE. I did the same conversion a while back and just did the pedal mounted switch in line with the original master cylinder switches if something failed electronically. I also used LED brake lights so there wasn't much current running through the tiny micro pedal mounted switch. Hoping for a little more longevity with the LEDs in place.
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