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Replace carpet mount track?

Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2012 1:19 pm
by Gumby_Mac
I sent my '72 super out to a VW body shop to have some rusty panels fixed and I asked him to remove the headliner clip over the door and the carpet mount track on the rocker panels so I could have a smoothed, racey look. I was thinking of spraying the interior with black UPOL Raptor but now I'm having second thoughts. I will probably leave the headliner off buck I think I want to put carpet in. Should I just buy replacement rocker panels with the carpet mount tracks and transfer them to my car? I noticed there are rocker panels for 71-79 supers that don't have the carpet mount track on them. Did these have a different kind of carpet in them from the factory? If so, I'd rather buy that kind of carpet kit and save myself the trouble of welding. How would I order that kind? Thx.

Re: Replace carpet mount track?

Posted: Sun Sep 30, 2012 2:59 pm
by Gumby_Mac
Can't believe out 92 views, no one had any comment or suggestions. Well, in case any newbies have a similar problem, here's what I ended up doing. Someone on another forum suggested getting a heavy-duty curtain rod and cutting it in half and using that. I had one of my buddies come over to my house in his VW (same year as mine) so I could see where the carpet lip starts. I picked a flat curtain rod since it would be the easiest to cut and the built-in J-channel and the ends would give me two carpet tracks. I cut it to length, drilled some holes so I could spot weld it in place and then stuck several paint stir sticks in it and hammered it down flat. Test it with part of my TMI carpet kit and works like a charm. Total out-of-pocket cost: $9.99.