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With Turbo and Super charging you can create massive horsepower with vw motors.
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Post by panel » Fri Dec 08, 2006 9:09 pm

Age = 33
Location = Victoria BC Canada
Nationality = Canadian
Marital Status = Engaged
Children = 0
Interests = VW's,Triathlons,bikes etc.
Education = Grade 12
Career = Lighting
Military History = none
Coolest Job = one I'm in I guess
TV = Men in Trees,Survivor,Amazing Race, Speedvision
Dog =Chelsea(Blue Heeler/spaniel)
VW Cylinder Index = 94(don't understand ?)
'65 Bus with a JDM Subaru EJ20 Turbo
Built by Germans powered by Japanese and brought together by Canadians

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The method
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Post by The method » Sat Dec 09, 2006 4:30 am

I don't post much, As im not to good at spelling.

I,m 26

Live in England uk/more like Poland :evil:

Work for, Rolls Royce :roll: and looking to work offshore, if all goe's well i hope to have a long road trip in the US in 07

I did work at a vw specialists for 3 years but it killed my hobby so i got out of it....

Been into vw from age 16, but my Mum and Dad, have had vw's from day one..

My First vw was a buggy, and i still got it :D .
I have had a lot of vw, buggy's beetles campers and a 181.

When it come to cars, engines and turbos i have no rule book
At the mo i work on my 70's panel van that im going to fit a Fi 2332 VGT :shock: TURBO engine the engine will end up in my 1956 vert :?:

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Post by seabeebuggy » Sat Dec 09, 2006 12:25 pm

Im mike 37 ,
live in CA and UT
retired navy early retirement. yaa for me.
I build homes, repossess them for the banks and have a gun business. I am very busy now days doing both building and taking them back. Please make you payments. :shock:
I have owned a vw since I was 12 yo. still have it. my dad was the first owner. I dont drive them. l cant stand them due to working on them so much.. I have a manx buggy that has a 2006 turbo charged. if it was not so fast I would hate too. it gets more attention than the hummer.
3 kids under 3yo
I buy and sell ww2 jeeps in europe. UK mostly.
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Post by 64bug » Sat Dec 09, 2006 5:57 pm

Well here we go... Story with pictures...
Name is Robbie i just turn 21 (currently spending more money on beer then the bug) and i live in Gig harbor Wa. I am a painter at Precicion Collison here in town.
I wanted a bug for my 13th birthday but didnt happen till a was 15. Got a 64 cal-look, drove it everyday for 2 years, built a toyota on 36"s for a daily (when gas was cheap...) So i could start re-building the bug.
My shop teacher in school was a vw freak like all of us, a happen to give me a 70' t1.(put this before the 64) I completey restored it in almost* only 3months for my senior project (this included me skipping every other day for 27days in a row...) Full body off resto.I got 1st place in local vw show and then a sold it to finance my 64 turbo project.
I trying to finish up the body work to get it painted and back together to have this 2332 efi/turbo beast on the road by this summer.
Other then that, i like to snowboard, get vw tattoos, and girls... and beer.
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Eddie Brown
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Post by Eddie Brown » Sun Dec 10, 2006 8:28 pm

Hello. 1st, to state the obvious, my name is Eddie Brown. Just turned 36 in September. I've been around VW's since the age of 4. My dad owned a repair shop in Hollywood when I was a kid. He specialized in VW's, Porsches, MB, & Volvos. I leaned towards the bugs and 914's.
I've had VW since age 18, and always loved to tinker. I had a repair shop for a brief period of time, and just recently bought a local VW parts store in Bakersfield. That puts me in the parts business, but more than anything keeps me involved in VW's for the long haul.
I've been playing with turbos for the past 5 years now. Lots of ups and downs, but I keep on trying to learn and have fun.

James Buchan
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Post by James Buchan » Mon Dec 18, 2006 1:12 pm

Age = 33
Location = Surrey BC Canada
Nationality = Canadian
Marital Status = going on 8 years...
Children = 2 - 4 yr old daughter and a new one due in January!
Interests = VW's,Beer etc...
Education = Couple diploma's and a few letter after my name on the business card.
Career = Occupational Health and Safety
Military History = 3 years Infantry
Coolest Job = I am working on it, I need a change of environment
TV = BattleStar (new one), anything history/war
Cats = 3, don't ask!

That's me in a nutshell!

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Post by doc » Mon Dec 18, 2006 2:14 pm

Where are all these Canadians coming from, eh? (Another Labatt's Blue, s'il vous plait) :roll:

Great to see such a diverse group getting to know each other. I guess I'm preaching to the choir but, it seems to me, the current 2 hottest topics in the vw scene are fuel injection and forced induction. Our little cars, designed in the early 1930's, obviously get a BIG benefit from turbo!

Hope you guys can guide the rest of us into the world of scary fast. :twisted:


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Matt Davis
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Post by Matt Davis » Tue Dec 19, 2006 12:03 am

Name = Matt Davis
Age = 32
Location = Northern and Southern California
Nationality = German/Welsh
Marital Years = Who's counting? lol
Children = A 7 month old girl, and a new one on the way in Aug! :twisted:
Interests = VW's, Doorslammers, Bonneville, Nascar Engine Technology, Music, PSCA/NHRA/IDRC/PRA/OSCA/NMCA
Education = Let's see...I fell asleep in High School dreaming of College..Cert'd welder, cert'd machinest and a cert'd pain in the ass!
Career = Parts Mfg within 6mos.
Highlights = Youngest Exec in my old corporations history
Most Signifigant thing in my life = My daughter
Coolest Job = I am working on it as we speak
TV = Whos Line is it Anyway, HP TV, and NMCA TV
Animals = 1 Wife, 2 Pit Bulls, 1 kid, 1 mother in law, 1 poodle chiuaua mix, yet... no partridge in a pear tree.

I feel fortunate to have grown up around cars and VW's my whole life as my dad ran a VW shop in the SF Bay Area for 12 years. So this came second nature. Dad set 3 world records in the 70's with the shop Ghia in blown 1L, 1.5L and 2L. All turbocharged. That was black magic in those days... playing with hairdryers on VW's. Set all the records with a 40mm Harley sidedraft. 2L went 158mph in 1977. 92x74mm

The turbo is where it was at for me at an early age... something about the sound... Baylands roundy round, drags were a weekly thing for us.

All of this has allowed me to meet a lot of REALLY neat people that are also VERY smart, but what it boils down to at the end of the day, we're all just gear heads with the same faded Levi's and wore out race t-shirts from years past. 8)

Can't wait to see what's in "store" for 07'


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Post by Kenny2428 » Sat Dec 23, 2006 11:55 am

My name is Kenny, I've been posting on shoptalk for the past couple of years now. I bought my first bug when I was 15, a 74 Super. It now has a 1776 turbocharged engine. I love my car and never want to get rid of it. I am from Texas, and have a house in Rowlett(suburb of Dallas) with my brother. He owns a 71 westy. I am now living aboard a cruiship in the Hawaiin islands and I love it! I get home Febuary 18, and cant wait to here my car again. It's been nearly 6 months. :cry:


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Post by Humpty » Sun Dec 24, 2006 9:02 am

Name = Simon "Humpty" Thompson.
Age = 40.
Location = Fremantle, Western Australia.
Nationality = 5 Generation Aussie.
Marital Years = Recently single (ish... Got a girl again) after a 10 year marriage, and the ex is still my buddy!!!!
Children = One fantastic 5 year old little girl.
Interests = VW's, surfing, music (playing & listening), education, reading and designing.
Education = I collect degree's... Or so it seems... About to start a PhD for some strange reason....
Highlights = Lots....
Most Signifigant thing in my life = My daughter
Coolest Job = My new job.... Im about to start teaching 'Design and Technology' at the best high school in the state.
TV = Don't have time... Though I dig movies.
Animals = My Bull Terrier called George.... She's the coolest Bully around!

And as for Dubs.... Have owned them all my life (Dubs, Peugots, Citroens, Mercs and Porsches were big in my family), bought my first (57 Bug) when I was 7 years old and bashed it around the paddocks on the family farm. My dad always said they were the best car ever... He used a 68 TL Fastback for paper rounds. Bought his first bug in 1962. Ive always had dubs and Ive owned a few US built cars.... My current stable consists of the following: 1) One previous owner 1960 Ragtop that is ratty as hell in the Hoodride vane with a 2275 EFI turbo intercooled engine in the making. 2) A 1964 Notchback, slammed with a narrowed LP bug beam, IRS, very large 4WDisc brakes all round and 17" rims, motivated by an EJ25 Subi donk. 3) And a 1984 T3 Bus with BIG brakes at stock hieght and an EG33 Subi donk and a built 5 speeder.

Cheers Scott for the new and improved FI Forum....

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Rob B
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Post by Rob B » Sun Dec 24, 2006 9:40 am

Hmm, I never know what to say to someone I have just met...I guess it depends on the circumstances. So, since this is a kinda bar/pub for flat 4 enthusiasts, then I guess that's where to start !

I'm from the UK and love modifying flat 4's and the vehicles that they power. I have done it for myself for the last 15 years and loved every knuckle bleeding moment of it. At nearly 41, I currently have my much loved turbo race bug that has sat unused for more than a year now, sadly due to lack of funds.

Instead of racing, I have spent the last year working on other peoples rides, building up some skills which I hope to do something with in the near future for a living. For now, I am a network manager for EDS, though there are changes within our contract that could alter that !!!

I'm married to Jo who is an enthusiastic supporter of drag racing and we have 2 girls Stacey & Becki. Stacey loves the racing and can strip the heads down, barrels off, and change the rings 8) On the other hand, Becki hates it and goes to stay at a friends when we race.

I have owned a couple of Beetles and Buses, along with a Chevy Day Van, although that didn't work out to well because of the MASSIVE cost of petrol over here.

After a day messing with cars, Jo & I like nothing better than kicking back with a decent bottle of wine and some good company, or going to the movies, etc.

I have been suffering from back/hip/joint pain for the last 18 months and our glorious NHS has finally given me a diagnosis of AS. So I will be on a program of pain management for life, auto-immune drug therapy and some rather uncomfortable daily excercises. I can't help wondering about my future for racing and how much I can improve from where I'm at now...though I'm very determined not to let this get in my way. The way I look at it is this; I have pain whatever I do, so I may as well do some fun stuff!!! I have a low 10 second run and I want a 9 before I'm satisfied. :twisted:

Then I may even consider a V8 dragster...sorry :oops: ...didn't mean that really!

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Post by vwthingrcer » Sun Dec 24, 2006 11:47 am

locatio-reno nv
nationality- german
Marital Years = Single
Children = none yet
Interests = Football vws and patying
Education = high school deploma going to college in jan for football
Career = meat worker
Highlights = vws
Most Signifigant thing in my life =nothin yet
Coolest Job = current
TV = anything funny
Animals = dog and fatcat

Vws-Hmm that is the first car i rember riding which was is my first car. A 73 thing which is still A pos then I got a 71 super. Now my newest ride is a 64 bug with a type 4 but going to have a 2110 turbo when i get the turbo for it

the reverand-uk
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Post by the reverand-uk » Sat Dec 30, 2006 9:46 am

Age = 26
Location = South Essex, U.K.
Nationality = British
Marital Status = I live with my long suffering girlfriend who's also a dub nutter...
Children = No chance, cant afford a bug and a baby!
Interests = VW's and snowboarding etc...
Education = 11 GCSE's and 4 A-levels in design and chemistry
Career = I'm a mapper/performance upgrader for a supercar specialist.
Military History = none
Coolest Job = the one i've got
TV = a comedy series called 'green wing'. its like scrubs meets monty python.
Pets = no chance, cant afford a bug, baby and animals!

I've been into VW's since i was about 15 when i saw a small convoy on its way to bugjam. i had nothing better to do so i got my dad to follow them to see what all the fuss was about - never looked back since.
First beetle was bought several weeks later for my birthday but the catch was, i had to restore it. a year later, hey presto - i'd totally ballsed it up.

I've since had around 10 bugs of varying descriptions but at the moment i;m dedicating my time and effort to a 65. she started out as a cal look 'back to 89' car with loads of history and even a feature at one point, but she was looking tired so decided to re-vamp. I've spent the last 7 months prepping it to be a street/drag bug. long gone has the original 1300cc and now i'm waist deep in a 2175cc efi turbo screamer using a mixture of vw and japanese performance parts. Benchmark has been set at 350bhp. Guess i'll find out in a few months when she's done.
heres a pic to wet your appetite.


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scott the viking
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Post by scott the viking » Tue Jan 09, 2007 3:45 pm

Moved post for Dizzy
DizzyFeeling wrote:I borrowed a nice setup, hope that´s OK?!
Thank´s -Tommy

Age = 43
Location = Southwest coast, Sweden
Nationality = Dual (US & Swedish (soon..))
Marital Status = Not married, but only just....
Children = 2 girls 3,5 and 1 years old
Interests = My family, my job, my bug, diving and-and-and...
Education = Electrical engineer in hydropower
Career = Actually in a careerchange trying to become a Coast guard
Military History = Way too much American for the Swedish military-hehe
Bug= -62 sedan, involuntary ratlooker

VW Interest…
Had them in my family since after WW2 when dad came back to the US from Germany. The oldest daughter loves the Bug and is always with me in the garage when I´m working on it, hopefully the love keeps up.
This is a nice touch to the Forum, great idea!!

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Post by bugsterkafer » Tue Jan 09, 2007 5:14 pm

Hello guys,

my name's Leo, I live in Geneva, Switzerland.
I'm 24 and I'm currently studing Psychology, "soon" graduated :)
My 1st car was a 75' super I bought when I was 17. I quickly dropped into the VW world and sold the super to build a cal-looker. Thus I own a 67' euro beetle for 4 or 5 years now. I did the paintjob 2 years ago (myself) and thanks to a mecanist friend, I had the chance to build the engine after 2 years collecting parts (student powa :lol: ): it's a 2liter, 78,5x90,5 with a GB308 cam etc etc..
It's been a while now since I read lots of posts here on the Forced Induction forum to learn, probably because one day I'll change the cam, drop the CR a bit and turbo my engine :D
It has only 3500 miles right now so I'll keep it N/A for a while..
I also own a 63' 125cc Vespa (scooter) and like to spend my weekends spraying/flaming every part I find LOL or snowboarding.

Here is the lady:




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