40mm DCNL Weber carbs (40mm IDA)

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40mm DCNL Weber carbs (40mm IDA)

Post by castroe » Wed Apr 22, 2020 7:22 pm

Hi, I’ve come to sell a pair of 40mm DCNL 5 carbs from a Maserati Ghibli.

These carbs are the two barrel 40mm IDA carbs Weber never made. The carbs were sold on the Ghibli from 1967-1969, let's just say the numbers of carbs out there is very low and it is rare to come across a good complete set. They came in 35mm, 38mm and 40mm, so these would be considered the big boys of the model run. They are featured in How to Hotrod Volkswagen Engines, with a head to head dyno shoot out with various carbs. The engine was a Ron Fleming built 69x88 mid to higher performance engine build, the 38 mm DCNL carbs out beat dual IDA, dual 40 pII 4, dual holly bug spray through the entire hp curve and matched the IDA at 6k WOT.

The carbs are missing some parts, but luckily enough all the parts missing are IDA direct replacement parts and easy to source parts. (Airs, emulation tubes, main jets, idle jet holders, pump rod spring are all IDA) the idle jet is unique to the carbs and is found on e - bay for 8$ a jet. The velocity stacks are IDA insert style, I think a 40mm DCOE stock will work, I have yet to try it. The shafts are tight and have zero play, the carbs were dipped in gas and disassembled completely and found no corrosion and small bits of debris, the pump rods and plungers are clean with factory polish finish having little ware. They could use a chem dip or quick ultrasonic cleaning before throwing a new kit on them to ensure proper operation.

These carbs are rare and would make any vintage 36hp Okrasa build look and perform or even run them on a modern(ish) 1776-2110 and get REAL performance gains (I’m going to swap my 44idfs to run a pair). Another cool point is they are standard IDF/Dellorto base bolt pattern. Asking 2k-1800, carbs located in La crescenta above Glendale. PM me for contact information.

All sales are final on none rebuilt parts, PayPal or cash, buyer pays shipping. Add 4% for paypal fee.
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