Obsolete parts

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Obsolete parts

Post by DeathBySnuSnu » Sat Feb 20, 2021 7:19 pm

So some years ago a friend gave me a pile of megasquirt parts. I had almost enough to build the v2.2 ms1 that went on my murdercyle.
As that project has been done for a couple years.....time for a new project.
So now I am building a little v6 car.
Six independent throttle bodies and an hei distributor.
The ignition is logic level only, advance only, and will probably be the trigger for the megasquirt.
I am going for an old racer retro look and will be staying with a distributor for that fact.

Now my v2.2 pile is thin and I am buying parts to put together a v2.2 ms2.....…..and the two inductors and their newer superceded part numbers are obsolete.
Does anyone know what to use now?

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