Beware of this seller!

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Beware of this seller!

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My experience with this seller.
In 2018, I ordered a VW Kombi from him. We agreed on a price of €22,000. Delivery time 40-60 days. I paid half, €11,000 in advance, as we agreed. The rest was agreed to be paid when the car is ready for delivery. When the car was built, he kept begging for more money. I was stupid and paid him €3500 more. Luckily I didn't pay the full amount as he begged. When the car was finished, he sold the car to another buyer. That's what he told me later. I asked to return the money I paid. He did not agree to this. He started blackmailing and threatening me if I didn't agree to order another car. He told me that this is just a little delay and I would get the car soon. I had no choice but to wait and see what happens. I got schedules from him again and again and again... Weeks... months... years... went by. Dozens of ridiculous explanations for delays. Pathological lying.

When the second car was finally ready after many years, he said the price of the car is €39,000. Later, he asked me for €49,000. Finally he said he won't sell the car to me. Why? The reason was clear. He raised the price for me because he had already sold this car to someone else a long time ago. This way he got more money, because our agreed price was €22,000. In this way, he received the entire amount from someone else, and not just the €7,500 according to our contract, which I still had to pay.

The car I originally ordered was a 1972 model. For my own reasons, I wanted a 1972 or older car. This second car he offered was a 1975 model. He said he would make the model year I wanted. "the vin number is just a piece of metal and it's easy to change" he said. I told him that I ordered a 1972 or older car, not a piece of metal from 1972. So he ruined this car by changing the vin number.Is it legal to change vin numbers in Brazil? I don't think so. When I asked him, I got no answer.

He says I canceled the order and he won't refund my money. Weird! I never saw a car that was ready to ship. Price 22000€. I didn't cancel the order, he canceled the order himself by selling the car to someone else. Or does he mean I canceled the order for another car? The car that he tried to get me to buy by threats and blackmail. The car to which he changed the vin number and the price of which he said was €49,000. Illegal, wrong year model and more than twice as expensive car!! No thanks.

He also claims that he had to put his own money into building the car. He sold the first car to someone else and kept the money himself and also the profit. I don't know and I don't care where he wasted the money I paid. I paid exactly what we agreed on, plus €3,500 extra money.
He also promised to send me a video of the finished car. When I accept the car, he delivers the car to me. I have never received any video of a car that is ready to be delivered to me. And not from any other car.

At first he is nice and promises to do anything you want. When he gets your money, everything changes. He starts doing what he wants. If you don't agree with everything he says, he starts threatening and blackmailing you, not answering your messages and not listening to you. He gets really arrogant and blame the customer for everything. Don't believe anything he says or promises. He is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR. This guy is only interested in your money, nothing else.

Go to the jus.brazil pages and you will find a lot of information about this scammer. A hired lawyer investigated the background of this seller. Between 2018 and 2020, 28 customers had lost their money to this seller. Only for such a short time. I was an idiot and didn't find out the seller's background and it cost me €14,500 ($16,000) + several thousand euros in other expenses.

I have suggested to him:
1) deliver me the car I ordered.
2) deliver me a VW Kombi worth €14,500
3) return my money
He won't agree to anything.
He has promised me for six years to return the money I paid when he gets one car sold. Six years!! Bullshit. Who sells one car for many years? If he has this car, where is it for sale? I have not found. A friend of mine asked him about this same car a couple of years ago and Zanetti said he had sold this car, but he could build a similar one. Ok, time to return my money. I emailed him and asked for my money back because he has sold the car. To me, he said he hasn't sold the car and he immediately put the car back up for sale. Embarassing! I know I will never get anything from him, not a car, not money.

Remember, if you send him money, you can never get your money back. He owns nothing. And he has hidden the money he stole in foreign bank accounts.

The seller does not own the cars he offers. He is just a broker. He only accepts payments to foreign bank accounts like Malta and Bulgaria etc. He doesn't accept payment to Brazil. He hides the money abroad. This is a one man business. No other employees, he's just trying to pretend he has a big company. If he offers to build you the car you want, never send money! He will build one car, but he will sell it to several buyers and take payment from all of them in advance. That's what he did in my case too.

This is my personal experience with Rafael Augusto Zanetti and his company Brazilian Classic Cars.
He also threatened that if I write anything negative about him on any site, he will keep my money and I will never get anything. I think this is the only promise he has kept.

I never would have believed when I ordered the car and paid as agreed that the only thing I will get is a nightmare for years.
Hope this experience is useful to someone when making a decision. If you order from him, I wish you luck with BRAZILIAN CLASSIC CARS and RAFAEL AUGUSTO ZANETTI.