How to Read VW Schematics

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How to Read VW Schematics

Post by david58 » Thu Jan 31, 2008 5:03 pm

Leatherneck wrote
What helps me a lot is having a schematic or drawing to show me what goes where. Maybe some others have a better idea but I like to draw out where headlights, relays, tailights, switches etc. go before I start running wire. So if anybody has any schematics,diagrams or drawings that you use that might be helpful to others post them up.
Here are some wiring schematics and diagrams that you may or may not use. Don't think copywright is a problem.

Understanding and reading wiring diagrams

What do all those symbols, letters, and numbers mean on the diagram.

What do those Symbols Mean?

How do I Read a Diagram?

How are the Components Labeled on a Diagram?

Wiring Diagram Legend

Typical Fuse Box Layout

Wiring Diagrams Posted by Leatherneck

Fuel Pump Relay
Relay conversion from 2 Element Stop/Turn to 1 Element
Aftermarket (Chinese) Turn Signal Wiring
Tach Wiring for Standard Electronic Ignition Systems
Basic System with Alternator & Toggle Ignition Switch
Basic System with Alternator with stock Ignition switch
Regulator Wiring for Generators
Headlight Relay for Dimmer
Wiring for Generators
How to OHM out a Ignition Coil
Basic Alternator Wiring
4 Wire Alternator Wiring

Posted by David58bug

Basic Power Circuits
Ignition Circuit
Starter Circuit
Charging Circuit VW
Turnsignal Circuit VW
Brake Lamp Circuit VW
1302Wiring Diagram
Typical Buggy Wiring Diagram
EFI Wiring Diagram
Starting Motor Trouble Shooting Chart

Posted by Panel
Alternator Wiring Guide

Posted by MnAirhead
Generator to Alternator
71 Wiring Loom
Outback Wiring Diagram

Posted by SpeedyJim
Starter Wiring
Alternator Wiring
Ignition Wiring
FI Wiring
Turn Signal Wiring

Posted by DesertGuy
WildKids Wiring
Primary Circuit Wiring

A real big thanks to Speedy Jim for letting us link to his Electrical Wiring Section. If you haven't had a look around his site click the link below.

Wiring property of Speedy Jim
Brake Lights/Tail Lights
Wiring of 2-prong brake light switches ('68/'69) with 3rd switch for warning light.
Wiring of 3-prong brake light switches ('70 and later) with warning light connection.
Tail light wiring: '68 thru '72 Beetle
Tail light wiring: '73 thru '79 Beetle
Wiring of the headlight sockets.
Headlight dimmer relay circuit '67 thru '70.
Headlight dimmer relay circuit '71 thru '79.
Fuel Injection
Schematic of Fuel Injection system, '75 -'79 Type I and Type II.
Description of Fuel Injection circuit, '75 -'79 Type I and Type II.
Windshield Wipers
Wiring of 12 Volt, 2-speed wiper (Steering column-mounted switch).
Description of circuit for 12 Volt, 2-speed wiper (Steering Column-mounted switch).
Wiring of 12 Volt, 2-speed wiper (dash-mounted switch).
Description of circuit for 12 Volt, 2-speed wiper (dash-mounted switch).
Wiring diagram for 6V Single-speed wiper.
Wiper wiring (Pdf) on '71 Transporter (stock)
'71 Transporter - Adding Wiper Delay circuit (Pdf): Provided by Michael Elliott
How do I test my Generator ?
Generator to Regulator wiring.
6V To 12V Conversion - Check List
Wiring diagram for Type I cars with alternator.
Wiring details for Type I alternator with external regulator (Motorola).
Description of Alternator operation.
Internal wiring of Motorola Alternator w/ external regulator.
Wiring for conversion from Generator to Alternator.
Adding a dash warning light to a Buggy with Alternator.
How to test for excessive "drain" on the battery.
What is this plug in my engine bay?
Using a 3-wire turn signal switch with single-bulb tail lights .
How to wire the carb (choke and solenoid) to the coil.
Audible warning circuit for Oil pressure, Generator, Lights left on.
Audible warning circuit for Oil pressure, Generator.
Starter /seatbelt interlock wiring on '74 Type I (How to bypass it.)
Wiring of backup lights.
Wiring of plug for Turn Signal switch ('72 Up)
Wiring of plug for Ignition switch ('72 Up)
Safety circuit for adding an electric fuel pump.
Circuit that simulates Term #57 on the Type II Headlight switch.
9-Terminal Flasher explained. This is a Link to the page written by Matt Roberds.
Circuit diagram for rear window defogger on Type 1 cars.
Where to jumper on the starter solenoid to test starter.
3-terminal 12V flasher, simplified wiring diagram.
3-terminal 12V flasher, simplified wiring diagram showing 4-Way Hazard switch: '72 and later.
4-terminal flasher used on late '68 thru '71, simplified circuit.
'62-66 BUS 4-Way hazard switch and relay.
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