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Post by Ol'fogasaurus » Fri Nov 30, 2018 2:32 pm

how I bent brake lines.
IMG_1424 copy.jpg
I've bent more than a few brakes lines in my time with different levels of success and failure. I've bent some by hand, some using bending tools with different levels of success there too. In about 2005 a friend who used to own a NAPA store suggested using this tool (https://www.napaonline.com/en/p/BK_7769219);. Each of the bending dies will handle two different dia. tube and are marked as such. Each half of the dies are used for each dia. tube bend.

You still have to be careful and go slow but I got some good bends out of the tool. Some pix:
IMG_1428 copy.jpg
From the MC's: Hydraulic clutch and brake lines.
IMG_1429 copy.jpg
Through the firewall using a home made mount for the connectors.
IMG_1427 copy.jpg
This shows the join to the turning brakes. The tube with the join block will go into the turning brake cylinders and the tube with the plug at the end is for the brakes on the right hand side.
IMG_1426 copy.jpg
This shows the tube for the right side of the car going through the rear crosspiece and into the block.
IMG_1425 copy.jpg
This shows the driver's side clutch and brake lines going through the rear crosspiece and into the block.
This shows the rear clutch line and the soft pivot line for the rear brakes.
This shows the hard line to the rear brake block.

I you wondered about the goodie on the blocks they are for the rear brake lights but done differentlyy. Each block will tie into the brake light for that side so when you pull the turing brake handle that side brake light will light up. You hit the brake pedal then both brake lights will light.

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