Enthusiastic "First-timer" - oil filtering...

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Enthusiastic "First-timer" - oil filtering...

Post by PoyntonBlue »

Hi folks,

Question first, context after, if you can be bothered with the detail, so:

On a sealed, built-up case, do I use the 2nd relief valve to plumb in a route to add an external filter, or can I get the gallery tapped and use a 3/8npt for Full Flow oil pump cover (GB or CSP) without opening the case up again? I'd rather tap, so the secondary is still doing what factory intended, but your experiences much appreciated...

Back story:
I've not yet "popped my aircooled-engine-rebuild cherry" so am still learning, and as such please treat my naivety with the level of disdain it accords!

Bear with me on this background, but I've "inherited" a semi-built-up dual relief AS case that has the bottom end all built up by someone I trust (my father in law, no longer with us), so the case is mated and ready to go. Standard build, was going to be a dual port 1500, based on his choice of Mahle barrels & pistons. I'm wanting to keep his part of the build together, so am happy to swap the barrels & pistons for bolt-on 1641s. Had it, and 4 heads (2 twin port, two single port) soda-blasted and they all look tidy now. Engine being build needs to be 5000 miles/year, "fun" (would like to be able to maintain a reasonable speed up hills and on motorways, and still be reliable. Thinking is:
  • carburettor Kit, Weber 32/36 Progressive
  • Mahle 1641 barrels & pistons
  • Facet pump and Filter King, so can use pump as breather outlet rather than Rocker covers
  • The rest just being damned good quality other "bits"
Read loads already on here, about what my first decision should be on a build up from where I'm at, and now think it should be about oil cooling, whilst I can get to the pump plate. Do I or don't I add a better filtration system in particular. The answer seemingly is yes, even on "mild street", hence the question above! Sorry to be a bore!

Appreciate any and all feedback, even if derogatory!

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Re: Enthusiastic "First-timer" - oil filtering...

Post by Ol'fogasaurus »

Full flowing an engine is a bit more that just adding a filter. Drilling and tapping and a plug as I remember correctly.

We have a good engine running in a rail that has one of the oil filter covers over the pump which seems to work but I am not sure it I the same as full flowing like my engine is.

https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=fu ... ORM=WRVORC

This is the first of a three part video
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Re: Enthusiastic "First-timer" - oil filtering...

Post by sideshow »

Why? I wouldn't split the case of an otherwise good build to do the needed work (both methods; filter pump or traditional, and even I presume that daffy relief mod).

Filtering is nice, but I would wait for the next build.

Hell bent on a filter, the bypass style works and is far less intrusive (old-old-old school Fram think 356 a/b era or Franz www.frantzfilters.com)
Yeah some may call it overkill, but you can't have too much overkill.
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Re: Enthusiastic "First-timer" - oil filtering...

Post by PoyntonBlue »

Thanks folks, particularly the link to the video. I've just read a lot on the fact that the basic mesh filter is nowhere near enough when you work out how much oil is going through it, and thought decision time is now, before fitting anything else to the case. I'll mull it over. Appreciate the quick feedback...
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Re: Enthusiastic "First-timer" - oil filtering...

Post by petew »

Right, so this solution ISN'T best practice. However, my engine builder had already assembled the motor and there wasn't time to full flow, so I have one of these.

http://rodpenroseracing.com.au/oil-pump ... hafts.html

Here's a thread with one installed...
https://www.thesamba.com/vw/forum/viewt ... p?t=311646

It seems to work well enough. I've had some issues routing hoses but oil pressure is good and the oil has stayed very clean. There are also these things...

https://vwparts.aircooled.net/Bugpack-3 ... 030-11.htm

I'm not sure if you can still buy them. I know they were somewhat frowned upon.
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Re: Enthusiastic "First-timer" - oil filtering...

Post by mikedjames »

I have used one of those Maxi 3 pumps on my bus for about 30000 miles. No problem with oil pressure if anything too much on cold mornings with thick oil...
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