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Aircooled Technology Hall Of Fame

Posted: Sat Dec 09, 2006 6:09 pm
by Daniel G
The purpose of this thread is to find the best threads from Aircooled Technology, so that sometime in the future of the site they can be made part of a permanent technical archive.
The topics in the sections below are in descending order, so the oldest threads will be at the top. Once I get the all the topics, I will go back and organize everything a little better, and add the titles to the threads


Posted: Tue Jan 09, 2007 7:25 pm
by Daniel G
General T4 Stuff/Engine Combos and Builds
This section will be for all the general engine topics...

3.0 Engine


Posted: Tue Jan 09, 2007 7:29 pm
by Daniel G

This section is for all cooling related threads, including those about the DTM...

911 Cooling Shrouds

Posted: Tue Jan 09, 2007 7:30 pm
by Daniel G

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by Daniel G

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by Daniel G

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by Daniel G

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by Daniel G

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Posted: Tue Jan 09, 2007 10:34 pm
by Daniel G

This is for topics that I felt were worthwhile, but right now I haven't decided where to put them...

Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2007 9:38 pm
by Daniel G
General T4 Stuff/Engine Combos and Builds
This section will be for all the general engine topics...
Hell yeah!!!! It's finished
Type 4 Drag Engine
94 x 78.4 combo
Mega test work underway (Round #2 for my 2316)
2316 longevity
Jake, just a quicky "Q" for this 4th of July weeke
WHat does a 2739 TIV drive like??? I'll tell ya.
Fired UP
The 12:1 Beast lives! Just fired it!
2056 build up
New combo for the 2316!! 3 bolt 914 heads with a squareport?
Who wants TIV power for the cost of a TI 1776??
Christmas came a day early (2270C arrived)
914 DTM development and Hybrid 2316 testing!

3.0 Engine

It's a longblock! The 3.0 is a day away from living!
WHOO HOO! The 3.0 is alive!
3.0 issues....
HOLY JEEZ!!! I drove it!
WHOO HOO!! 3 Liter installed! No Sawzall needed!
Most HP AND Most Torque!
3 Liter update.. Running really good as a daily driver
A ride in the "Bluebonic Plague"
3 liter update- 2000 miles and counting
100,000 mile 3 liter??? It's certainly a possibility!
The 3 Liter goes on a diet, but gets stronger!
How about a really fun project!
Cryogenic Treatment
Project approaching end
Holy torque curve Batman!
[url=link]New engine pics, W/sidewinder[/url]
T4 bug goes 10.3
Progress on the Super Efficient engine!
The latest on the "Super 2 Liter"
The Super Efficient engine project- 40+ MPG- 110HP!
Some tuning observations of "BIG" engines
How feasable is it to get 170+ft/lb torque from a 2270 t4?
"Super 2 Liter" update
Questions on 2270 engine
Getting ready for Hot VWs Type 4 engine build up!
3rd Anniversary of no valve adjustments- It's not Hydro!
257HP from 2.4 L on pump gas! The Mighty Spyder is born!
184HP and 187 TQ from a 2270!
It still runs!My first successful engine build!!!(at age 11)
itsa fit!
The "Super 2 liter plus" outline revealed!
New and improved 2270 daily driver combo breaks 160HP!


This section is for all cooling related threads, including those about the DTM...

Type I DTM cooling system Testing update
Carbon Fiber DTM & Hybrid fan!
Jake, stock t iv cooling system limits ?
Head temp sensor above or below the spark plug washer?
VWT - Fan Shrouds
Quad CHT Guages
TI Cooling system test, Week one in review
Cooling system tests, week #2
fan blade reduction
Air Cooled Classics fan shroud questions
Jake, should I run the thermostat in my 914?
It's a reality! Carbon Fiber DTM!!
maximum fan speeds
Type 1 DTM
Another great thing about the DTM!
Type 1 DTM
Spark plug wire hole location(s) in the DTM
Got my Serpentine Belt Kit.
Type I DTM discussion list started
Airconditioned DTM! Its here!
Type I DTM- It's Perfected!!!!!
Carbon Fiber DTM Pics- Its blows a 911 off it socks!
911 cooling shrouds
DTM and power capabilities
The 914 specific DTM
Pics of the 914 spec DTM
DTM and "under cylinder tins", are they fully need
DTM #109
912E DTM engine installed, pics...
DTM pictures thread.... please post your pictures.
Supercharger and cooling
New TIV cooling system ready for testing!
New Billet CNC DTM Pulleys Just In
Type 4 DTM V2.0 is ready to sell! Pics within!

Heads/Exhaust Systems

This section is for all head and exhaust system related topics...

HAM Inc.
Head part #???
1.7l 914 heads
Flycut Depth
1.8 valve sizes...
Valve sizes...
Need help form a TIV enthusiast in SOCAL!!
Relocated exhaust port T1 Style.
A-1 Header is here!
Pics of the"Hybrid Heads" Len and I have been work
Lowering the exhaust back pressure by sucking it out
Exhaust testing starts today!
Exhaust system test graphs and pics posted
A-1 installed pics in Ghia...Excuse the Rust :D
Testing the Evo.... Damn Chris rocks!
A-1 feedback......
Can I use square ports on my 914?
Some facts about head flow
Mighty Spyder heads almost complete!
The Mighty Spyder Cylinder heads revealed! Pics within!
HAM head policy & head hunting tips
LE 200 heads- bolt on 40HP!!!
The NEW LE 220 Turbo Head!!! Pics within!!

Valve train

This section is for all valve train related topics...

Aircooled Technology Type 4 lifters!
LIFTERS! The future looks promising! Maybe even rollers!
The proof is in the pictures.
Lifter testing; stage I complete
The ultimate cam/lifter proving ground!
Lifter testing; Stage II complete
Lifter testing; Stage III complete
Lifter testing; Stage IV complete
Billet Lifters are here!
Web-cam lifters OK now?
Lifter Fund! Over Budget! Need Help!
Cam/ Lifter issues- Solved!
11 New cam grinds!
need info on ratio rocker arms
Roller lifter for type 4
Sharp edges on Cams
First released pics of the TIV roller cam/lifters!


This is for all topics about T4 bottom ends...

Off-set grinding a 1700, 1800 type IV crank
Operation of Type 4 cam?
Type 1 length rods for a type 4 1.7/1.8 engine
82mm Stroker
Replacement Camshaft for a Fuel Injected Engine
Rods for stroker motors
pluse cam
2.0 Rods
Web 121/125?
Title of thread
Spilling the Beans...2L rod/bearing options
lightened 1.7-1.8 rods rebushed to 22mm pin????
Forged flywheel for T4......
Varible rod ratio verses variable timing....
Alternative rod bearings for 2L journal
Pics of the new Billet Chromoly rods! (warning, BIG pics!)


This section is for all piston and cylinder info...

Ring break-in procedure
dished T4 to flat top
The time has come- "squishy Type IV" here we come!
107mm Nickies! Pushing the MAX!
107mm Nickies ready for plating! Pics within!
Pics of finished 107mm Nickies!

Case/Lubrication System

This section is for all topics related to engine cases, lubricating systems, and the like...

Mech. fuel pump/rod
First event - Pressure loss at first turn...
accusump - how much extra oil
Some Full Flow Parts Questions
Royal Purple oil...
Dipstick readings are variable???
How to get Grey patina on aluminum case?
Title of thread
Stage 1 Oil Testing Done


This section is for topics related to induction and ignition systems...

msd, mallory,compufire
Mallory Unilite Question
Bosch 050?
Mallory Distributors-optical
Testing underway - AWESOME new Engine management system
kit carlson f/i
Kit Carlsen FI
Hints for setting up carb linkage
912 EMS update- driving report
Weber 40IDF Carb Mods
Kit Carlson EMS Question...
All Aircooled Technology engines to soon feature EFI......
RAT Engine management systems.. Update
Engine missfires only between 1400 to 2000
SDS throttle body
My techie thoughts on changing carbs for EFI
more throttle linkage..
New Linkage for the TIV DTM- Its bellcrank!
Efi and crank triggered ignition.Anywhere to get these 4 T4?
TIV DTM Bellcrank linkage- Stainless Steel-
Bellcrank linkage for TIV DTM- NOW AVAILABLE!!
twin plug ignition
Carb spacers for 44 IDF
Carb Linkage Install Questions
FI vs. Carbs
Smaller plenum = more power?? It can!(sidewinder test too)


This is for topics that I felt were worthwhile, but right now I haven't decided where to put them...

"Type IV Store" Closed before it ever opened
list of parts suppliers for type IV motors - now w/updates
Cam/lifter test fixture fab has begun!
Seafoam again
Ceramics - more? Valve guides?
DLC vs Cryo
Mega test work underway (2165 TI and TI DTM)
Big displacement Type 4 in an actual Type 4 car?
duel plugs
A day in rememberance- it's been two years.......
Hey Jake - got a new metal technology for ya!
Where is the best location to sample oil temperature?
Oil Temperature and Jetting
Squishy testing halted..... dyno failure again!
Do you have an engine from Jake?
Need a little help
8 cylinder using T4 crank
The "Power tour" cross country cruise with a 3.0!
Jake the Great and Brent too!
Compression VS Pump Gas
Found some wheel hop
Jake, what exactly is included in an engine kit?
Welcome to the 4th dimension- Watch the video here!
Jake, the Rally 912E is here
jake has worked hard for us
Tangerine Racing ready for Road Atlanta!
AFR gauge on your dyno? ( Westach ?)
Is it better to provide my own engine case for your kit?
TIV Performance Engine Video- How much would you pay?
Progress on the MassIVe 79 vert project
Compression Ratio (static / dynamic) and more calculator
Final Race engine ready for the runoffs!!!
Updated TIV lifters- All previous lifter customers read here

Video link to some of Racer Chris' misfortune at the runoffs
The 4th Dimension. The New Organization for all things T-4!
Great time at BK Dyno day! interesting data within....
Cross country tour trip Summary- pics within!
Mission Accomplished- 3,450 miles of flawless performance!!!
Fact revisited: Torque wins the race!
Big progress on the MassIVe 79 Vert!! Pics within!
4th dimension radio debuts 8/17!!! Our own radio show!
HOLY COW!! Just drove the Spyder!!
First episode of "4th Dimension Radio" ready to ai
Making serious progress on the Vert! Pics within!
MassIVe 550 Spyder completed! Pics within!

Thanks are due to David58bug for adding the titles to all the links and for adding some color to it all...